Sunday, August 18, 2013

it's late, my brain is fried.

It's always at the time of night when I should be sleeping that I get motivation to write in my journal or blog.. Things that aren't as appealing when you have a million and twelve other things to do during the day seem to become top priority at 1:30am.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm so privileged to belong to such an awesome family and have such a blessed life. Why am I fortunate enough to have been born into the covenant and raised a member of this church? I have parents that work hard to provide for the family, they love me, and most importantly they love each other. They have testimonies of the gospel and have taught me how to find my own! I know where I came from, where I belong, and where I'm going. I don't ever doubt the truthfulness of the gospel. I have so much to be grateful to my Heavenly Father for! the list goes on and on.
I'm so incredibly happy all the time, and I want other people to be happy too! Am I a repetitive person by saying that again? Mmmmm probably.
goodnight. or good morning I guess? either way, I'm sacking out.

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