Sunday, October 13, 2013

A week of remarkable experiences

Lots of feelings from this week I want to write down. 

I had the privilege to go to General Conference for the first time, IN MY LIFE. Yes it was amazing. My ma had never been either.  

We rode the lightrail into Temple Square for the Saturday morning session. I love love love love seeing so many members of the church in one place at one time. Some peeps hate that. I sure don't! I love seeing all the smiling faces of men and women who know who they are and where they came from. I LOVE seeing so many worthy priesthood holders in place.  
The messages that came from the prophets and leaders of our church were powerful and pure. Messages straight from God, for our day. I loved the themes of missionary work, covenants, commandments, love, charity, Christ, and so so so much more. What a strength and blessing it is to be able to listen to them, to see them, to feel of their power and spirit. President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of the Lord, he is the Lord's mouthpiece. Christ stands at the head of this church. 

This is my dear friend--Brooke Bryson. She's pretty great.
We ran into her and her bf, Jack, at conference. 

Every time I go to mission prep, especially today, I'm reminded how important it is that I learn how to teach by the spirit. Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder how I can, or get worried that my studies are not enough. But I know that as I study diligently and prepare for a mission, as well as live worthily to have the spirit with me, Heavenly Father will send his spirit to help me testify. In conference David M. McConkie said--before we seek to share it, we must learn it, know it, and study it. We must have the word in our lives to be able to teach it.I have to remember that the lesson's I teach are not my lessons, but my Savior's. The people I will be teaching are God's children, and I should see them as that--capable of greatness. 

In conference many spoke about covenants, which was absolutely perfect since I would be entering into the Lord's house to make covenants just a few days later. 
What a special experience it was to be surrounded by my friends and family as I received my own endowment. I sure do have a testimony of the temple. I know it is the House of the Lord, I know of it's importance. We need the temple. We need the temple to return to live with our Father in Heaven again. The power, knowledge and guidance we receive from going is remarkable. Get to the temple. Sacrifice whatever you need to to get there. As I've gone back twice since my first time, I've felt the powers of the adversary try to keep me away. Little things always come up or seem to get in the way, but I know that as we decide to attend the temple and follow through with our commitments, we will be blessed. 

So I went through Tuesday. Then I went back Thursday, and on my way home I ran over a cat. Dude that was not okay. LOL. Then on Saturday when I was at a session I got hit on by a major creepazoid. I'm talking--staring at me hard core, not checking me out, I MEAN STARINGGGGG.... Then sitting next to me while my eyes were closed and I was pondering--and talking to me. That would have been chill in itself, because hey I'm a nice person I like meeting new people. BUT THEN when I left, he didn't follow and I'm like phewwww I got out of that one. two seconds later in the corner of my eye I see someone running. YEAH it was him. HE RAN DOWN THE STAIRS AFTER ME. ran. not walked fast. ran. He was like 30. And I'm not trying to judge, but you just can't do that to a girl. I think next time I go I'll wear a ring on my finger... I'm not kidding on that one. I avoided him thankfully, but he was hot on my trail. I was scared he would follow me to my car. So when I left, I pretended like I knew this tall, attractive guy, and walked outside with him. Then BOOOKED it to my car. It's chill, I over reacted.. But I mean really. He ran after me. Ran. And wouldn't stop staring. That's not the way to my heart. Also I'm leaving on a mission, not trying to find my one true love or marriage. I do hope and pray for this guy, that he will find his wife, hopefully in the temple, that's a cool place to meet people. I guess.