Tuesday, August 27, 2013

an outline for my day

College is hard. Juggling college, work, homework, sleep, eating, church, gospel study, family time, visiting teaching and preparing for a mission is even harder.  That's not even including hang out time with friends, although I've gotten used to the idea of living at my desk with books in my hands. I'll admit, I'm a busy body through and through, but it can get a little draining sometimes. So... I decided to make some goals (No, don't worry, it's not the New Year) to help me balance life, while keeping my priorities straight. I guess you could also say this is an experiment as well...?
This is going in chronological order ishh
Goal 1) Write everything down (so far so good)
2) After my alarm goes off, step straight from my bed into a kneeling prayer.
3) Before leaving for school in the morning, read my scriptures for as much time as possible-minimum 10 minutes
Both of these goals aren't hard for me to keep at other times of the day, but I think I should start my day with my focus on the right place, and that is with the Lord.
4) Listen to conference talks on my way to school via the Mormon Channel App, or the occasional MoTab and cheesy EFY music. (I am a die hard advocate for EFY music. Listen to it instead of the normal mainstream radio and your life will be changed for the better, I promise)
5) Share the gospel and my testimony with those around me at school.
6) Don't look down or at my phone when I walk through campus. Look people in the eye and smile, take in the beauty of the chaos around me and learn from what I see.
7) Talk to people
8) Say a prayer to myself before every class
9) Be positive at work
10) Don't get road rage
11) Make time for my family even if it appears there isn't time
12) If there wasn't enough time in my morning scripture study for Preach My Gospel reading, then fit that in with whatever other gospel study I need for a total of 30 minutes including the morning study.
13) Go to the temple once a week
14) Read my patriarchal blessing every day with the scripture study
15) Prayer before sleep

Wow that's 15 goals. Well maybe it's more like guidelines for my day because those are things that I already do. I just want to do them better and at the right time.

I know that as we shift our focus to what is most important, our crazy chaotic lives will be easier to balance and organize. Not to mention our testimonies will increase as we keep Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the center of our thoughts and actions. The spirit will be with us, and we will be guided by it! Wish me luck, I'm hoping you all hold me accountable to what I've written.

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