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3/ 24/ 14 Pictures and Email!!

Okay, so not much time today. I promise that I do have time for a hand written letter though. So I will send it. P-days are always the same. We go to the grocery store, wash our car, go to the library, eat lunch, do laundry, and clean our living area. in a different order each time. Every other Monday we have Zone activity. That is with all the missionaries in Ontario! We play ultimate Frisbee or card games or soccer or something. It's fun! then P-day is over at 6 pm and we get back to teaching. And eating dinner. Okay, dilemma. HOW DO I AVOID SWEETS. I am so tired of eating them and feeling like crap. hahahahaahahah the members love feeding dessert. But to all members out there reading this
- STOP. We get dessert almost every night. WE ARE SO THANKFUL. BUT SO FAT. hahahahahaha
this week was awesome! I had exchanges with one of the sister training leaders, sister Shaw. Sister Respecia went to Diamond Bar for the 24 hours and I stayed here in our area. It was legit being here without Sis R! I realized that I can do this without a trainer. On Saturday when sister Shaw was with me, we saw Val and Mary- the part member/less active family. And we killed it with the lesson. straight up the spirit was so so strong as we testified and were straight up bold with them. I think sister Shaw was surprised when I called Val out on his selfishness and lack of commitment to God. hahahahahahaa But they are using their agency and choosing not the follow Christ and come to church for the sacrament which is so sad. So we will probably be taking it chill on them. But dude. When the spirit speaks through us missionaries- it blows my minddddd. I love it. That is what is so humbling about being a missionary, is knowing that when we are being obedient and diligent, we are literally saying the words that Christ would if he was here. We aren't great speakers, we aren't eloquent, we aren't intelligent or full of spiritual knowledge and experience like our parents or leaders or the Apostles, but because we have the Spirit, we are able to be all of those things. A less active came to church two weeks in a row, his name is brother England! such a joy to see him take the sacrament.
Reuben doesn't ever text us back or call us back anymore. hahaahha and Kat was so busy this week. But we have a new investigator Sally! and we will meet with Kat this week! it stinks when all these people use their agency to reject this gospel. But God has a plan for this area. (His plan is working so slowly, but He has a plan).
I am so excited for conference! and for the woman's meeting this weekend!! HEARING FROM THE PROPHET IS THE BEST. "every soul who will not hear that prophet shall be cut off from among my people." legit and intense right? ahahahha that's in 3 Nephi 20:23

 Another baptism in the ward?? that is AWESOME AWESOME. Dude. fellowship them like crazy okay?? promise me???!!!!?!?!?!?!? sweet thanks. Retention of new members is so so so so so important. If you don't know how to help the new members then ask the missionaries.
hopefully I answered all of your questions. love you!!
love sister johnson


3/ 17/ 14: email and beautiful pictures!!!

So Selena. she is awesome but so so busy with life. We will get her though
Reuban... funny story. He told us the BOM is a copy of the Bible, so he will not read it. But I know with out a doubt that if he reads it, he will know it's true. But that's the thing. He hasn't read it. lol stubborn people. We keep inviting him to baptisms that are happening in the Spanish branch and other wards and invite him to meet with us again. We will get him too. eventually. hahahaha
Kat. Kat is a gem- she is the recovering user. She has been meeting with us twice a week. Which is what investigators are supposed to do!! so holla at that!!! woohoo!! We have invited her to be baptized but she hasn't prayed about the BOM yet so of course she wouldn't know if being baptized is the best thing to do. We told her- hey Kat you know that we want you to be baptized right? She loves sitting and learning from us because she has never had that before. Never just been sat down and taught. She also has never felt true happiness because of the lifestyle she has lived. But she now knows what happiness is. And she just needs to recognize that true and eternal happiness is from the BOM and the gospel and JC. But she is awesome and progressing. If she doesn't pray about the BOM though.. then she will stop progressing. so we shall see. We are meeting with her again this week.
 okay. IT IS SO HOT HERE. wow. this week was awesome. we had ward conference and our stake president was there. Our ward has come a long long way. They are starting to get more missionary minded. And we are trying hard and praying hard that they will continue to progress. We drag people with us so that they can get their visiting teaching and home teaching done ( some of them just meeting their teachee's for the first time). It's awesome. This ward will do great things. Our bishop is so missionary minded. And our stake president is the bomb. Makes me appreciate Bishop postert and president westergard. They work hard. And sis R and I sang in the choir at ward conference. (it wasn't as good as our choir at home hhahahahahah don't tell anyone I said that). The song of the righteous is a prayer unto the lord.
We got to hear from Elder Anderson this week at our mission conference. Got to shake his hand! it was legit. Seriously hearing the testimonies of Apostles is probably the best thing to hear. ever. When he said "As a special witness of Jesus Christ, I can testify that He lives." It is an explosion of the spirit filling the whole room. That man knows Christ. I am so extremely grateful to be on the earth at such a special time as this- a time when the earth is being prepared, at an amazing rate, for the coming of Jesus Christ. Over and over I keep hearing and reading form prophets and apostles that Christ wants to come, literally he wants to come, but the people aren't ready yet. And it is so true. Christ wants to come, but the saints are not ready. We have not completed the work that He has set out for us to do. and "more and more, Christ will be our message- that He Lives" as his existence fades from the minds of those in the world around us. And that is why I am here. "We talk of Christ. We preach of Christ." Every night when I kneel in prayer, and realize how so extremely inadequate I am for this job, for preparing the earth for the return of the Savior, I plead for the strength and upliftment that I need and then I feel the enabling power of the Atonement working and lifting me up. It's the best. This work is the best. And my Savior Jesus Christ is the best. I know He lives! I know that He is the Son of God, and chose to give up his life even when he had the power to withstand it. Then He rose again. And because of that, the rest of God's children can do the same. So special, and such a sacred responsibility we have as missionaries. And as members. Bringing joy and happiness to those who have not yet found it.
Something awesome from Elder Anderson- he said the United States is the "Bread basket" of the Church. "We have to grow here. We save some of the best missionaries for the states. you're the best the lord has." He is awesome. He talked a lot about the Atonement. How important it is, how vital it is to our existence. He said to use the atonement we have to be humble, we have to be forgiving, we have to yearn for forgiveness, and we have to help others along the way.  he said "life is real Be converted so you never get lost. If your prayers aren't being answered, get on your knees more, longer." just like Enos did. (Enos 1:1-12ish)
I also studied about Jesus Christ in the Americas this week. 3 Nephi 11-18. It is the most special even of the whole book of Mormon. My favorite is in chapter 17, when the multitude falls at His feet and worships Him, kissing and bathing His feet with their tears. Then He prays for the multitude, and the words are so sacred that they cannot be spoken of or written by anyones. Then He weaps for them, and gathers the children and blesses them. And "no one can conceive of the great joy which filled their souls at the time they heard Him pray for them unto the Father." "So great was the joy of the multitude". Dude when Christ comes again, it will be the same for us. HOW GREAT WILL BE OUR JOY. And we get to help others feel the same joy that we will feel. We have to literally grab them by the hands and pull them in though. (We=missionaries and members).
long email. love love love you!
guess what. sprouts opens up on March 26th and it is nearby-ish. so we can get permission to go. MY JOY IS FULL I LOVE SPROUTS I CANNOT WAIT FOR ORGANIC NONGMO AND HEALTHY FOOODDDDDDd
Love Sista JJ


3/ 10/ 14

So yeah. And I bought stamps at the store. So that is a record of my credit card use. What hotel do you stay at when you come here? We passed a bunch the other day and it made me wonder. I usually eat a smoothie or this organic nonGMO cereal with fruit and almond milk for breakfast. and for lunch I make salad with red wine vinegar and oil, or veggies and sweet potatoes or both or a cheese crisp if I am lazy. I try to eat healthy. LAST NIGHT A MEMBER MADE LEGIT INDIAN FOOD FOR US IT WAS SO GOOD. I ate too much. but it was worth it. From the Burton family. they are adorable. He made homemade Paneer. that is cheese. and then made a dish with that and spinach in it. and the other was Chicken karma. and it was so good. made me miss your cooking. And I miss helping you in the kitchen. Family is important. I probably will live close to home when I am married because I don't want to live far away from you guys
This week was so so so so so good. so good!  MIRACLES. We have a new investigator (hallelujah), Selena, and when we were teaching her she recognized that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and said "I can feel God telling me through you that everything is going to be okay and that he loves me." and she cried. It was such a special experience. She isn't married to the head of the household. That's the hold up. they have to live the law of chastity to get baptized. But we'll get her. There's another investigator we got this week, Kat, who is a recovering drug user. She straight up is legit and so hilarious and humble. She knows that she is weak and through God can be made strong. So awesome. She is struggling with organized religion. but if she prays I know god will answer her prayers and she will want to partake of the sweet blessings of organized religion. God is a god of order. Organization is godlike. it's really hard to get investigators to church. they have to go 4 times before getting baptized. Also I invited Kat to be baptized in our second lesson. hahahahahah hilarious. She said she would think about it. There will be a baptism in this ward before this next transfer is over.
I am glad all is well at home. "By controlling our reactions, being calm and temperate and avoiding contention, we will begin to qualify for the gift of meekness." meekness is a gift from god and pretty much required to be like Christ. I need to work on that. "Meekness is the quality of those who are godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering. Those who possess this attribute are willing to follow Jesu Christ, and their tempest is calm, doctile, tolerant, and submissive." and Moroni 7:43:44, 10:32, go along so well with that. Meekness. I want to be meek like Christ.  the quotes were from... oh wait I didn't write it down haahhahahahaa whoops. an apostle
So grateful for good friends of Mesa. "friends are those who make it easy to live the gospel of Jesus Christ." -Elaine S Dalton- just a random thought. So grateful to have grown up in such a strong ward, in such a strong family, and in such a strong group of friends. Love you all!!
hey don't move. I bet you won't before July 2015.
First transfer IS OVER AND IT WAS A WONDERFUL TRANSFER AND SISTER RESPECIA AND I ARE BOTH STAYING HERE FOR THE NEXT TRANSFER. it's so good because we have a lot to accomplish. SisR will be here for 9 months in this area at the end of this transfer. LOL HAHAHAAHAH I will die if I stay in an area that long (KNOCK ON WOOD OH NO I CURSED IT)
Anyways. this week was amazing. I will write more in my letter home. Just so you know. I send one every week! so if lexi harbors them in her car again-- BEAT HER)
HOLLA Elder Anderson is coming on Saturday to talk to us missionaries of the Rancho mission. So excited. I love you!
Love sister Johnson
also if you send us anything. send dried mango. sister respecia and I love it. especially her. cause she is filipino


I am so glad that you guys feed the ward missionaries often. I am so grateful to be fed. And I love it when members ask us what we would like to eat. I always tell them vegetables. hahahah! Dad told me that you guys sent a picture of the elders to their moms? I bet they died of happiness. Take care of them and give them food. hahaha there's a family here- the churchills- that always give us random food and soda and candy. Although I don't drink or eat the bad stuff, I'm grateful that they take care of and watch out for us.


His name is Reuben. We were in a neighborhood, parked and sitting in our car and sister respecia rolled down the window when he walked past and yelled at him! haha then we had a solid conversation through the window about the gospel, and gave him a BOM and Restoration pamphlet and set up an appointment for this week. So we met with him Wednesday this week, and we brought one of our new ward missionaries with us, his name is Brother Nunnally. He is passionate about the gospel ahahahah and hilarious. We were grateful he was there because he pretty much invited Reuben to do everything we wanted him to do. (after the lesson with bro nunnally there, he took us to PF Changs. what a gem right?? we are so taken care of.) Reuben is in his 20s so we probably will have to hand him over to the YSA missionaries soon.... sad day. anyways. He is mega involved with his church.. I mean standing on the street corner and yelling into a mega phone involved... It's legit. He knows the bible so well also. So we taught him the Restoration. He is super content with his life and his relationship with Christ and doesn't think he needs another book or a prophet. But he agreed to read and pray. Anyways, so Saturday we had a ward activity. A DELICIOUS TACO dinner and auction to raise money for the youth in the ward to go to scout camp and girls camp. Anyways. HE CAME. What? right? yeah he came so we ate and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. And then we gave him a church tour and when we got to the chapel, we got in another intense conversation about prophets and Christ and the Book of Mormon. He hadn't read it at this point. So We HARD CORE bore testimony to him. He kinda wanted to argue. But we don't argue as missionaries. So we told him he had to pray and read to know. Anyways. I have such a strong testimony of the converting power of the Book of Mormon. I know that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of his children. And I know that when his children ask if the BOM is true, he answers the prayer. Conversion to Christ's gospel is impossible without reading the Book of Mormon AND praying. Everyday. So that night after the ward activity he text us and said he read and prayed. We have an appointment with him Wednesday so I will let you know how it goes :)
The Andersons- they came to the ward activity toooo!!!! (they are the couple that took us out to eat and she text you a picture of us) I am pretty positive that brother Anderson hasn't been inside a church building for 20 years, and his wife has never been inside one. (she is Filipino, did I ever tell you that? and not a member) We found out that he stopped going to church when he divorced from his wife. ANWAYS talk about a miracle there. He has never let his home teachers talk about religion to his wife because she doesn't like to be pushed into anything. So it was surprising that they have been letting us teach them. Probably because sister Respecia and his wife speak the same dialect so they chat in their own language and bond. It's great. such a testimony that she was sent to this area for a specific reason. Hopefully we can get him to come back to church. He needs to let the Savior and Atonement back into his life.
We also got to go to Chipotle this week for dinner! A member just gave us $ instead of feeding us because they were having some stuff going on.
ALSO there is a woman in my ward named Jakelle. Yes-- she is indeed  white. she is in her 20s and married with two kids. what the random right? I told her about Jakelle Westergard and she said that her friend saw a Stay Strong Jakelle sticker once and text her about it. I wish I had another sticker- I would totally give it to her. Anyways. Gem moment. Precious tender mercies that the Lord gives me to keep me going. I'm glad I have Jakelle cheering me on.
OKAY HAVE YOU READ TEH FEBRUARY ENSIGN?? It's the BOMB. legitimately. And there is a lot about the word of wisdom and health. Lexi should read it!!! I love all of it. Especially the one called "Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose" by Elder Richard G Scott. Seriously everyone read the entire ensign. It also talks about Noah and how he lived to be 950 years old. legit right? The ensign is amazing. If the entire world read this issue, it would solve every problem. literally every problem. 
Some things that I decided this week to implement throughout my life.
I will never give into temptation
I will never let others control me
I will always show my best and true self to the world
and I will let my light so shine so all others can see it and say "she truly is a daughter of god."
I will be valiant in the struggle in the battle for the souls of men and women
I will always fight on the Lord's side
I will always build my character upon the bedrock of integrity
I will always be worth of the spirit, and I will be obedient to it
Satan will never destroy my growing character
I will never look to the wron sources for how to live
I will make decisions based on eternal truths
I will always drink deeply from the fountain of the revealed word of God-personally and as a family
I will hold fast to the word of god
I will be an essential part of the shining light that our country needs
I will build a home centered on Christ
I will stand at all times, in all things, and in all places--for the greater good of the future
I will sacrifice whatever the Lord asks of me and more
I won't be perfect, but I will work to perfect myself in and through Christ- who is the sure way to eternal life
My children will grow up in a haven of goodness
My home will be a rest for the weary.
My life goals.
I love you
I love the gospel
I love my Savior Jesus Christ
I love my Heavenly Father
and I love His children. Especially those children in Ontario.
Love Sister Johnson

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Subject: Re: hey hey

story!!! NEVER LET YOUR TEMPLE RECOMMEND EXPIRE. A man we stayed with in Diamond Bar told me that while he was working in the temple, one of the counselors of president hinkley came and spoke to those who worked in the temple and said 1) get your own clothes for the temple because soon there won't be enough for everyone 2) never let your temple recommend expire. The temples are all connected together so that they can live video stream to each other. does that make sense?> so when Christ comes... and he is speaking in the temple. You will want to be in the temple, because it will be broadcast to each one. But if the day the Savior comes is the day yours expires, you're out of luck. crazy huh?!?! anyways.. there's another temple video coming out soon.. ANOTHER ONE. crazy.
ahhh that Acai place is out of my mission. If it's in rancho or Ontario or chino or upland I could go? but not

Pictures! March 2014

March 3rd 2014- Sister Johnson's words!

This week has been a good one! This is the last week of the transfer. WHAT on Tuesday the 11th it will be 6 weeks since I have been here! We find out about transfers this Saturday night. But I am 99% positive I will stay in this area! I am not finished with it yet. But I'll probably get a new companion.

This week on Thursday we have Zone Conference. It was 2 zones from the mission- so about 40 of us- at the mission office for a training with the president and his wife and the assistants to the president. We learned so much about how to be a preach my gospel missionary! President Hobbs- my mish president- is so hilarious. He seems to serious and quiet, but in reality he is so funny and quirky. And his wife is a gem, so loving! GUESS WHAT. A member is taking us to Costco today! Sister Respecia's first time- she is going to die! I love Costco! WOOHOOOOO oh the joy in the little things.

It hard core rained this weekend. SO GOOD. the state of California has been praying and fasting for rain for so long. So the 3 days solid we got of it was wonderful. The prayers of the righteous are always heard by the Lord!!!

Reuben------ ahhh he couldn't meet with us this week. He was preparing a sermon thing for church and so he was busy. So I have no update on his progression. Lame. but it's okay, we will meet with him this week!

So it took me 5 weeks to realize, but I know the reason I am in this ward! that is to strengthen the members and help them to be more missionary minded. Missionary work cannot CANNOT cannot progress in the ward without the active participation of the members.There were two less actives that promised to come to church on Sunday and didn't come. errggghhhh. We even showed up to their house right before church and pounded on each of their doors. hahahah it was discouraging, but then I realized something. We, as missionaries can't do this alone. We for one need the Lord (duh), but second- we need the ward to participate. If it was a ward member knocking on their doors, and being persistent, they totally would have come to church. DUDE THEIR SALVATION IS AT STAKE HERE. Church has the sacrament. and the sacrament is a key to salvation. soooooo. yeah. it's serious.  With the members, miracles happen. pretty much only with them though. Otherwise, reactivated members don't remain active, recent converts aren't retained, and new people to teach aren't found. Legitimately members do the missionary work, and full time missionaries just teach. really. that is all. as representatives of Jesus Christ, we are able to say the words that He would say if he was standing there. But the members are the friends, the neighbors, the felowshippers, the ones that love, and they make the biggest difference. So our goals to help the members be more involved will hopefully be implemented this week and we will hard core kick it so the work can get rolling. MIRACLES. I'm telling you MIRACLES HAPPEN ONLY WHEN MEMBERS ARE INVOLVED. hahaha I am so passionate about this. Missionary work is the most important thing we can be involved in. And yes, missionary work starts in the home- with our own children- but then it goes out from there. Don't keep the gospel to yourself- share it with everyoneeeee!!! I hope everyone who reads this can feel how important member missionary work is. hahahaha I will keep saying it over and over until the whole world gets it. I promise that if we put the Lord first in our lives, including serving His children, then everything else will fall into place. LIFE WILL BE FULL OF JOY. As a representative of our Jesus Christ, I can promise that as you are actively involved in the Work of Salvation-- perfecting the saints, gathering the lost, and redeeming the dead-- you will be prepared for the return of the Savior. When He comes, you will be ready, and you will have no regrets. No regrets. I know it's totally not easy, but it is so possible. Just strive with unwearied diligence. (Hel 14:6)

So anyways. hahahah WOW sorry I got a little intense there. I just want the whole world to read that and see how important member missionary work is. If anyone needs help in that department, email me! or read "The Power of Everyday Missionaries"
it's a solid book.
Also, if the whole world read the ensign every month, we would have no problems. This month's is sick also. Did you read February?? March is so solid.
"By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have some unto Him yourself. If you want to be near Him, to feel His peace, you can do it best in His service." President Henry B Erying
I love you! I love you! I will write you today!
love, sister Johnson