Sunday, April 20, 2014


April 14 2014

I am so glad that Charlie had a good birthday and that she is excited fro PROM. SEND ME PICS OF THAT. Shayla's wedding too. pics please! I love provo!
The transfer is the 21st of April. I have no idea if I will stay or go. I bet I will stay, my work doesn't feel like it is done here. Sister Respecia will probably go. 9 months in this area, she wants to stay, but she is preparing herself emotionally and physically to go. I will miss her! I will also finally be done with my 12 week training on the 21st of april! WOOHOOO. training is awesome and builds better missionaries. But I will be relieved for it to be over with!!!
Wow I am so happy that you finished reading chapter 6 of PMG. It's golden. My favorite section is the one that I studied this morning, on HOPE. None of us are perfect, and I am far from being Christ like as well. But I am glad that we have the opportunity to progress and grow and become more like Him each day.
Mother's Day- I don't know anything about anything. I will be sure to let you know when I know... I'll have to talk to president about that one...
Family prayers. That makes me so happy. I hope that you keep it up and continue. It will help solve many problems, and bring you all closer together.
Be friends to everyone new in the ward!!! They need the fellowship, especially that recent convert family! I love the hastening work.
hahaha I am so sorry that your chair didn't work out...... LOL

You asked if I needed anything/wanted anything? Wellll.. HMM Sister Respecia needs a black cap sleeve shirt from downeast basics! hahaha She lost hers and can't find it and was expressing to me that she wished we had that store here in Ontario! Idk if she is a Small or Medium! I would bet medium.
Oh if you want to send a german chocolate cake in the package I would be okay with that. hahahaahahah LOL.But seriously.  Or homemade cookies from lexi that are healthy. I miss those! or muffins!? ahahah will those things last??? or something yummy and homemade. a few cookies wouldn't hurt. You know what I like! or those raw chocolate bar things that are really small?
I don't have time to update you on our investigators. All was well this week though! I can see the hand of the Lord working!Since it is Easter though, I would like to share my testimony about our Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives. Jesus Christ, The Son of God, rejected and despised by man, actually walked this earth. He lived and served, was crucified, and then rose again. I know that because He overcame death, we will as well. Because of Him, we can live with our families forever. Because of Him, the broken can be healed. Because of Him, loss can be replaced with joy. And because of Him, we can overcome and do all things. I know Christ knows each one of us personally, and because of that, He knows how to succor us. Through Him, our burdens can be made light. Through Him, we can find light to illuminate the paths which seem dark before us.I know that Christ himself satisfied the demands of Justice. He suffered for our sins, our iniquities, our pains, so that we wouldn't have to. He was foreordained, chosen before the creation of this world to save all of God's children. His grace is sufficient to help us overcome our weaknesses. Through Him we can become strong. I know that His church is here on the Earth. Christ Leads and guides us through His prophet, Thomas S Monson. President Monson walks and talks in the way of the Lord, and if we will just be obedient, we can do the same. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is a book filled with the peace that our Savior can offer each one of us. Through reading this book and following it's commandments, we can find eternal life. I know without any doubt that it is true. I know that God speaks to His children. The proof of this lies in the experience of Joseph Smith- for He truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ when he asked a souls searching question. I know that when we ourselves lack wisdom, we only need ask of God and He will unfold it unto us. This work is real! God is real. Christ is real. I love them both, and I love building my relationship with them.
We must share this message with others, for it can bring hope to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness!
I love being a missionary.
Sister Johnson


Yeah I am still in training. Training lasts for two transfers- or 12 weeks total. They do that because they cut down the time in the MTC so much. So every morning I have an extra hour of study, to finish training me to be a missionary. So this coming transfer I will probably need to buy a bike. That is in a few weeks. I am supposed to have $450 for the purchase of a bike. Uhh heads up about that. I feel like in every email I am asking you to spend money on me. hahahah I am sorry.
Wow yeah the time has gone by so fast. I feel the same way. 3 months have gone by and in a blink of an eye it will be over. So sad. I don't ever want to leave.
Aww thanks for the update about Grandma. I will email her. prayers their way
THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. We got 3 new investigators.
Nelsi- she is 13 and she has a baptismal date now. holla. But we will pass her off to the spanish sisters because her priamay language is spanish.
Sally- Sally has met with missionaries in a different mission 7 times, but had never been to church or read the BOM. We got the referral for her this week and have already met with her a few times, and we set a baptismal date for April 19 with her. AND SHE CAME TO CHURCH yesterday. She is legit. She pretty much accepts everything we teach. And is reading the BOM now and praying about it. And at church she was totally participating in class and taking notes and saying amen to what people said. And she introduced herself to the class and said "I am sister Sally". So cute. She pretty much acts like a member. She has 2 little kids and a husband so we need to get them on board as well. She is excited for conference next weekend and is planning on bringing something the the pot luck that the stake is having in between sessions. SUCH A MIRACLE.
The other investigator is Zaneta. She just got kicked out of her house and met some elders in a Denny's restaurant and they referred her to us. We have taught her a bunch of times this week and she CAME TO CHURCH TOO. This is exciting because getting investigators to church is the hardest thing ever. She even brought her 1  year old son. She is just temporarily in our area though because she is staying in a hotel, so it will be sad when she has to leave. Miracles have been happening with her as she has realized that God has a very specific plan for her and Christ has never left her side. She says the most sincere prayers and I can feel angels surrounding her and bearing her up. It's the sweetest thing. She loves learning, and is so humble and teachable. Her son's name is Jeremiah and he is ADORABLE.
Also. 3 Less-actives came to church. Angela, who we have been working with for a LONG TIME. she is the one with marriage problems. And Brother England came again. He came last week as well. We figured out that with him, we just have to text him the hymn numbers that we are singing in church a few days before so he can learn them. Then he will come! He just doesn't like not knowing the songs. It's awesome. And another Less-active came named sister Fergussen.
MIRACLES.  this week has been so different than previous weeks. The work is speeding up in our ward, we are going to need another set of missionaries in here. hahahahah! I LOVE IT.
Thanks for the picture of you in San Diego!! so pretty. The picture from Sister Hobbs actually came from me :) she let me hold her ipad and send it to you. Yay technology! hahahaha that was from the Women's conference on Saturday. all of  us sister missionaries got together and had a clothing exchange and dinner and then watched the conference. It was so good! it made me think of you- especially when all the mothers and daughters were singing together. so tender. I love how they talked so much about Covenants and love and being Christ-like and all that good stuff. It definitely gave me the energy boost that I needed!
thiings I loved from the conference:
"love each other more and love eachother better."
there is no age barrier in christ-like service
together with god, we are unstoppable
"As we keep our covenants, our insecurities and feelings of inadequacy will fade."
And my favorite thing that our mission president's wife said before the conference started was "There is no better training to be a mother than that of being a missionary. You will be raising Helaman's Army" I am excited. Excited to welcome in the Coming of our Savior again, excited to be a art of this work, and excited to labor in the Lord's Vinyard.
Love you!!!!!!!
Sister Johnson