Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 This is a sweet one!!

This weeeeeek wassssss awesommmmmme. 
It really was. 
ISAIAH AND SARAH!!! Okay so Isaiah is an investigator we have been teaching for a while. He came to church last week for the first time and brought his girlfriend. Then this week we started teaching her too, and now they are both getting baptized!! They have to get married first, but that is okay, the Lord will provide a way. They are loving life and the gospel. On Thursday, one of our ward missionaries, Sister Smith, invited us, Isaiah and Sarah, and Brother and Sister Leon over for lunch. SHE WENT ALL OUT. She made bbq brisket, ham, carrots, cole slaw, and three different desserts. THAT WOMAN CAN COOK. She is my favorite sassy lady from NY. Anways. Isaiah and Sarah and the Leons became fast friends. (The Leon's have been members for 11 months.) The morning of the breakfast Isaiah called us and said "Sarah and I have been reading out of the Book of Mormon and praying every day..... and I know it's true." DUDE BOOOM RIGHT THERE THAT IS THE MOST GLORIOUS THING TO HEAR AS A MISSIONARY. now we just need prayers that they will be able to raise the money to get married. 
The Leons brought Isaiah and Sarah to our Stake Pioneer Day Hoedown and they had a blast there too! They are loving life and so much happier now. It's been a miracle to witness. I have a picture with them that I will attach. 
We also had interviews with our mission president, President Hobbs this week ( we have those every few months or so, so he can check up on us and see that we are being good missionaries). It was wonderful to sit and talk with a man who is so close to God, and also who can offer insight and spiritual upliftment for our young hearts. I felt rejuvenated afterwards and ready to tackle the world!
Two of the recent converts in our ward were in the hospital this week! AHHH everyone is getting sick and hurt and having surgery. It's amazing how much junk people have to go through, but in the process I see them coming unto Christ and seeking perfection through Him. His grace is sufficient! 
Lets be real, a million other good and wonderful things happened this week that I cannot remember nor do I have time to write down. This week was busyyyyyyyyyy hahahaha
Last night, we were walking (because it was about to be storming and so it felt wonderful outside) and this lady stopped in her car and was like "Are you missionaries?" and we told her yes and she asked if we were mormon and she was so excited because she had never seen Girl missionaries from the Mormon church! She wasn't interested in learning more, but we gave her a card and she was on her way. It was still really cool to be able to be recognized right away as Mormon missionaries! GIRL POWER! Random experience for you. Who knows why I chose to share that out of everything else that has happened. hahahaha 
Also yesterday, Sister Nash and I gave the lesson in Young Woman's about going on a mission. It was awesome, and the girls had wonderful questions! The generation under me has some great faith

This week I was reading a talk fro General Conference called "What Manner of Men?" by Elder Hallstrom. Also, I was thinking about some wise words that my dear sister, Lexi, shared with me..... In it he said "Once any of us conclude--'that's just the way I am'--we give up our ability to change."
This got me thinking.. and I gathered that the same goes for what we say about others. When we say, 'that's just the way they are', we are giving up our ability to help others change and ultimately we stop viewing them as a Child of God-- but instead a Child of Man, dammed, unable to progress, unable to use the Atonement, unable to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. We are synonomously saying 'The Atonement wasn't for them--therefore they are unable to change.' How dare we ever say that? How dare we ever handicap others with our words? Elder Hallstrom also says in this same talk, We should have "confidence that His Atonement gives everyone of us--no matter our weaknesses, our frailties, our addictions--the ability to change." 
In the words of my favorite cheesy EFY song, "You can change. You can turn your heart around! A brand new heart can be found, if you only take on step! You can change, wrap your mistakes in a cocoon and let them die. And emerge a butterfly, you can change!" Anyways, that song always gets stuck in my head and one time I broke out in song in a lesson singin it. But I won't share that with you because you will all think I am too cheesy. 

Peace and Blessings!!!
Sister Johnson

Brother and Sister Leon took this picture of us at the Stake Pioneer Day Hoedown and then posted it on Facebook right away. hahahaha they told us to walk toward them and act "natural".. so naturally I  put my arms out and made jazz hands.

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