Monday, July 28, 2014

6/30/14 Sister Johnson's Email

Random miracle news. Roxy- our investigator- is getting baptized this week! woot woot at that!!!! She has been an investigator in other wards multiple times and knows the missionary lessons backwards and forwards. We are lucky to have been able to commit her to baptism. and NOW SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED. I am so excited for her. She is Bffs with the less-active who has been coming to church consistently for a month-Ashley. So, next week you will be hearing all about my excitement with that. 
ALSO GOOD NEWS. Our investigator Julia that moved to the middle of no where- a place called Lucerne- is getting baptized on the 12th!!!!! YAYYYYYYY. The elders there have been taking care of her and are making sure that she is baptized in this transfer so that me and Sis Nash can go for sure. 

This transfer is over on the 13th of July. I won't be surprised if I move again. One day, it is my dream to stay in an area for 6 months. I will rejoice in that. 

This morning we drove back down the mountain to Rancho Cucamonga to take our 2 week missionary companion (Sister Bills) back to the mission office for her parents to pick her up. Don't be surprised if she gives you guys a call and says hello! hahaha I gave her ya'll phone number. There is so much pollution/smog down in rancho and ontario and upland. woooooooo. here in the desert it is clear and high up and safe from all that. It makes me grateful to be here. Also down the hill it is HUMIDDDD to the max. The desert is where it's at. 
Sister Kirchner is still killing it at coming to church and loving life. She is a champion in the gospel now. Another less-active sister that we have been working with, Sister Kammeyer, CAME TO CHURCHHHHHH. That was the bomb as well. She is always in pain, so it was a big step of faith for her to be at church-sitting still for quite a bit of time. 
Also, for an activity with the other missionaries in our Zone, we had a water balloon fight this afternoon. It was awesome. That is why I am emailing so late!!! It was wayyyy fun. 
One of our new investigators this week.. We actually got a referral from the website for him- he requested a bible and book of mormon. (it's awesome because when people online request a BOM, they think they are going to get it in the mail, but instead us missionaries drop them off. hahahaha so the people get way surprised.) Anyways, so the first time that we talked to him, he totally made himself sound like he was a member. But then when we actually had a sit down lesson, we found out that he wasn't! random and funny story. but it didn't sound funny when I told it to you. hahah
We have been trying to stop by this less active and recent convert family, the Castillos, and have never had success getting in the door. But Sunday we took them some cookies (genius way to get to their hearts) and they let us in!!! turns out that sister Castillo had been praying for us to come. It was the sweetest experience to see her recognize that Heavenly Father had answered her prayers yet again!! We were able to testify to them of Heavenly Father's love and watchful eye, and are going back again to see them soon! yay for miracles.
I guess this is kind of a short update-- sorry about that. Anything specific you have questions about? I will gladly answer them.
There are so many people to tell you about, and so little time to do it all. The work in this ward is so good!! 
I love you all!!! Prayers for Roxy that she will make it to her baptism this week. please. 
Sister Johnson

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