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7/14/14 Email

Julia got baptized! On Saturday. It was beautiful and glorious and the spirit was so strong. We got a member to drive us to Lucerne for the service. The church building out there is so tiny and cute!!! I thought that my area was spread out and filled with dirt. But wooooo compared to Lucerne, my area is hip hoppin and so nice. Lucerne Valley is HUGE in diameter, but it only has a population of 5,000 people. The ward there was so nice, and we are happy for Julia. She found a house to rent and she is so joyful to be living the gospel. When we walked into the chapel and saw her sitting there, she ran up to us and gave us the biggest tightest hugs and kept saying "I'm finally doing it!!! I am finally going to do it!!!" She was so so happy and excited. It's been a long hard road for her. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my mission to see her baptized! Sister Nash and I were both asked to speak. (yeah, I held back the tears.) I am thankful to the elders in Lucerne who took good care of her and got her baptized and fellowshipped into the ward. 

ALSO SISTER NASH AND I ARE NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!! We got an email from president and he was like "Once I heard you had a contract with Audrey to mow her lawn, I couldn't split you two up." Hahahahah it made me laugh because president is a really serious guy (or at least he appears that way but he's really not) and then he makes a joke and it's really funny. He was referring to the lady who's lawn we mowed last week and then she let us teach her. We have an appointment with her this week to teach her some more so I will let you know how that goes. 

I can't remember what happened this week to be honest. hahahaha 
Oh! There was a pinwood dirby for a father-daughter activity! Sister Nash and I were invited to attend and make a car! So we asked and knocked on everyone's door, members and less actives, that we thought could help us in cutting out the shape of our car! but we had no success. So instead, we used Sister Moffett's craft room (she is the member that we live with and she is a crafty person) and decorated it like champions in hopes that no one would recognize that it was still a perfect rectangle..... But we went to the event and it made sister nash and I grateful for our Fathers. 

Speaking of fathers. I had a dream last night that all of us missionaries were sitting in a restaurant eating and down plop mom and dad right at our table. And you were like "Hi Tori!" hahaha and I freaked out and thought I would have to tell the president. It was random and made me laugh because I don't really ever have dreams with people in it from home. But it was good to see your faces in my head! hahahaha so if you are planning on creeping on my in Apple Valley, don't surprise me in a restaurant. 

GUESS WHATTTTT. so remember how in May Elder Anderson from the 12 came??? Well what the random, we are having another Member of the 12 come and talk to us again. That rarely ever happens that they come that close together. Elder Nelson is coming the end of this transfer. Which is halfway through August I believe!! How cool is that??? This time he will just be talking to our mission. Last time the Apostle came, it was our mission and the California Redlands mission. Hopefully we aren't getting yelled at. But we are a pretty obedient mission, so I don't think we are. 'm so pumped for that. 

I spoke in church yesterday. I talked about the Plan of Salvation!! I focused on Agency- the gift of choice that Heavenly Father has given us. Although while here on earth, we have forgotten the things which took place in the premortal life, God promises that all mysteries, secrets, and understandings will be unfolded to us. (DC 76:5-10) The Lord is our God and His purposes fail not. (DC 76:1-4)
I've developed this extreme love for this quote form Elder Ballard, "Become a creator of circumstances instead of a creature of circumstances." We, as Children of God, have the divine ability to be "Agents to act, instead of objects to be acted upon." (Elder Bednar said that) We are in control of our circumstances, and God has given us the tools, including our Agency, to govern ourselves and find joy. My favorite example of this is in the book of Ether. In chapter 6, the Jaredite people travel across the ocean to the promised land in boats tight like unto a dish. FOR 344 DAYS. The wind never ceased to blow!! But they sang praises unto the Lord the entire time- thanking and praising Him. When they landed, the immediately got on their knees and thanked the God for delivering them and blessing them. THEN they immediately got to work, tilling the land. (Ether 6:7-13 ish) These people were straight up creators of their own circumstance instead of creatures of the circumstance. They took the tools that the Lord has provided them with, and acted in faith to do the things that needed to be done. There was no sitting around and whining, just faith and action. 
The same thing happens in our own lives-- we get beat upon the water for 344 days. But we can choose for ourselves what the outcome is. We can pull ourselves up on the sand and take a break, basking in the sunlight. Or we can get on our knees, thank God, and immediately get to work. Creators instead of Creatures. Christ himself, was teh ultimate example of turning outwards to others instead of inwards to himself. He did not confine Himself to the circumstance that he was born into--a lowly carpenter. Instead, He followed the Father's will and worked with unwearied diligence. 
Elder Richard G Scott said "You are here on earth for a divine purpose. It is not to be endlessly entertained or to be constantly in gull pursuit of pleasure. You are here to be tried, to prove yourself, so that you can receive the additional blessings God has for you. The tempting effect of patience is required."
I know that we have the power to carve out our own destiny's. We have the tools to rejoice and feel complete joy each and every day. We can praise our God, even as we are beat across the ocean for 344 days-- all because Heavenly Father sent His Son. I know all things are possible through Him.

Love you!
Thanks for the support. I thank God each and every day for letting me be here, serving Him and His children. 
Sister Johnson

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