Monday, July 28, 2014

7/21/14 Email Update. ITS A GOOD ONE!

This morning, when we were leaving for the library, Sister Nash opened up the door and was like "look your package came!" and I said "I didn't order anything!!!" 
Hahahaha but to my lovely surprise-- I had a package from mom!!! AND it made my day. The lovely Trader Joe's goodies were just what Sister Nash and I need. We opened up the melted-then-re-hardened bag of yogurt pretzels and chiseled away at it. SO GOOD. and perfect. I love those dried cherries BTW. UNSULFERED AND UNSWEETENED. hallelujah! 

YOU KNOW YOU'RE A RED NECK WHENNNNNNN.... you fill pot holes with horse manure. Yes. #onlyinAppleValley. We were headed to meet a new part member family in the ward, headed down one of our usual crappy roads, and yes, there was manure filling up the holes. I'm not sure what different it made, but I guess it was cheaper than asphalt...

Also, another random funny story... A few nights ago, lovely Sister Nash randomly woke up in the middle of the night (2:30am to be exact) and turned on the light in the room. I twitched, rolled over and glared at her-- after which she realized what she had done and turned it off and went right back to sleep. It was hilarious. And she has no explanation for her random need to turn on the light. 

Our investigator Sabrina! She hasn't been able to meet with us for a while. I'm actually not sure if I have told you about her before... There's too many people to talk about them all. But anywayyssss. She doesn't have a religious background, so teaching her is wonderful because she is thirsting for knowledge. But teaching her is also hard because she is so skeptical about everything and has never recognized the spirit before. Anywayyyyyysssss. SHE PRAYEDDDDDD. This is a woman that isn't really sure if there is a God. She prayed right before our eyes and it was a glorious thing. Angels rejoiced and I almost cried. I can promise you that God is indeed real, He does listen to and answer our prayers, and He does desire for us to be happy. God is the author of our destiny. But the choices we make plays an ever-important role in the outcome of that destiny. 

Audrey-- the lady who's lawn we mowed-- has been really busy. So we haven't gotten in the door again. But we will! prayers for her please!

OHHHH YEAH! And we were able to re-establish contact with our investigator Isaiah!!!!!!!! We haven't been sure if he has been avoiding us or busy or what... but as it turned out.. his phone had gotten turned off. hahahaha so he really wasn't avoiding us. WELLLLL him and his girlfriend Sarah came to the ward picnic and then to church on Sunday! They were happy and had a good time. We have more appointments with them this week and Isaiah is on baptismal date, and Sarah we hope to begin teaching soon!!! 

Which brings me to the story of the ward partyyyy..... Sister Nash and I are really good, sweet, obedient little missionaries and everyone sees us as that... So we decided to be a little crazy and we brought a trash can full of water balloons to the ward picnic... Some other kids there had the same idea and brought coolers full of water, and when they started throwing that at each other, Sis Nash and I ran to our car and brought out ours and joined the fight. Don't worry. We let them have most of the fun.... but then the kids ganged up on us and started chasing us with coolers full of water. So I did the logical thing and hid amongst the old people, so I would not get dumped on. But Sister Nash ran like the champion that she is.. and was chased until the boys caught up with her. Anywayyyssss... so this guys named Brother Poulson was so kind, and helped us dump all the ice water from the water bottle cooler into our bucket... then we sneaked up to the boys that were trying to get us wet, and dumped the ice water on them..... No shame. We are 12% positive that there is nothing against any of that in the white handbook. But that was my 30 seconds of rebellion for my mission. 

AT CHURCH THIS WEEEEEEEEK. Okay so our usual Less actives were there. Sister Mays, Sister Kirchner, Ashley! BUT THENNNN Sister Bartok came! She is the sassy Italian lady from Chile. And Isaiah and his girlfriend came. ANDDDD our recent convert Sam, brought her littler sister to church. ANNNDDDD Sister Kammeyer came again. ANNNDDD Roxy (our other recent convert) has been bringing her boyfriend to church and he has been less active for sometime. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE AT CHURCH AND IT WAS FANTASTICCCCC. 
Ashley is just loving life and enjoying being active. She followed us around at the picnic and took pictures of us with everyone, but wouldn't let us take a picture with her. BUT ONE DAY WE WILLLLL..

I read this article by Elder Ballard called "Do Things That Make a Difference". ITS WAY LONG BUT EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT. Especially YSA age people. It is from the June Ensign in 1983, but is from an address he gave in 1981. everyone read it and email me your thoughts about it. It's where I got the quote "Be creators of circumstances and not creatures of them."
He talks about controlling our life, our thoughts, our actions, and utilizing self-discipline to do so. It pretty much changed my life and made me want to be a better person, more effective missionary, etc. He says, "I believe that when we have the proper attitude, when we learn to reach our goals, then when we apply the ingredient or self-discipline, there is not much that any one of us in this audience tonight could not accomplish, if we are willing to pay the price." If we want to be in the midst of good circumstances, we must use self-discipline as well as the atonement of Jesus Christ- both which will enable us to over come all things and successfully move forward in life.. living the life we want to live. We must grasp not only our future, but also our present, firmly and press forward with faith.. otherwise someone else will come from behind and snatch it from us. There is a price to pay for success in life... but no price is greater than that which was paid by our Savior Jesus Christ. We must make sacrifices is we are to get along. 

all in all.. this was a pretty favorite week. 
I hope it was favorite for you all as well. 

Sister Johnson
Oh. quote of the week--- by a littler girl in our ward. 
Her- "Do you have lots of freckles?" 
Me- "Not a lot, but I do have a big birthmark on my nose!"
Her- "Oh... well then what are those bumps on your face?"
Me- "ZITS!! And one day when you are a teenager, you will have them too" 
Oh how she boosted my confidence that day. 

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