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6/23/14 Email from Sister Johnson

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There are 4 kinds of missionaries. 1) Missionaries that aren't obedient or dedicated and sometimes don't make it through the mission. 2) Missionaries that just do enough to stay and skate by. 3) missionaries who are obedient because they know they need to be obedient. 4) missionaries who are obedient because they love the people, love the lord, and want to be fully consecrated to his work. It's impossible to be a #4 missionary all the time, but when we are---miracles happen. We see people change, and we see ourselves change. That's the kind of missionary I hope to be, and strive to be. And some days are hard. Some days I only wake up because I know I have to. But most days, I love getting up, I love pressing forward through the heat, and I love teaching people. I hope that I get to see others change, and I hope that in the process I am able to change. I hope that I can be more like our dear Savior, Jesus Christ. But man, I have a long way to go. 
Some crazy things happened this week. We are grateful to have our two week missionary! It's fun to have someone with that new-missionary fire. This experience of being with someone who doesn't know very much about missionary work is so good for both Sister Nash and I, if we ever get the opportunity to train someone. 
Julia, our wonderful and favorite investigator, moved to Lucerne Valley. She is such a champion and pressing forward and exercising her faith. She got kicked out of the house she was staying at, and she had to move in with her daughter. Fortunately we are able to pass her off to the missionaries in Lucerne. She went to church there yesterday and loved the ward. She was so excited because they were going to buy her a dress so she could wear one to church! She also told us that she signed up to help clean the church building. I thought that was really sweet of her! She was crying and hugging us when we had our last lesson with her, asking us over and over again if we would be at her baptism. We of course will be. We wouldn't miss it for the world. She kept asking "Will you forget about me??" and we are like, "Heck to the NO!" She is forever in my heart. 
This week we got a bunch of people's life problems dumped on us. Peeps like to tell us their life problems because they know we won't judge them. That's the truth. But it stinkin hurts my heart. All we can do is teach correct principles and let them govern themselves though... which I guess is a lot like being a parent. It kind of weighs down emotionally on Sis Nash and I. But it's okay, because the Savior helps us through it. 
So one of our investigators, Roxy, she is friends with the recently activated less active, Ashley. So anyways. Roxy has taken the lessons a couple times before in a different ward. She hasn't been baptized because she is afraid of the water and also because her mom is really anti. BUT. This past week she got kicked out of her house. Which is so sad. But fortunately it was just the Lord preparing the way for Roxy to be baptized. So at church on Sunday, I was sitting next to Ashley and Roxy during Relief Society and Roxy says, "Well.... the church is my family now. I guess it's time to get baptized." I WAS LIKE WHATTTTTT WOAHHHHHH. Holla at that. Miracle within that difficulty for sure. 
Another Less active that we have been working on, Sister Mays, came to church on Sunday!!!! She's also been reading the Book of Mormon pretty heavily. it's awesome. She is the one that we invited to be baptized and she responded with "WEllllll I've already been baptized in Sacramento... In the Mormon church!!!" hahaha so she finally came to church! She is old, and fell asleep during sacrament meeting.... but that's okay. She stayed for all three hours! Seeing all the less actives coming back to church makes my heart sing with joy! It's such a tender experience to see them partake of the sacrament and renew their baptismal covenants. 
OH ALSO, craziest thing, we found 4 lost members this week. Those are people who are members but who's records aren't in the ward and no one knows they are there. It's pretty awesome to see the Lord lead us to random people. But in reality, they aren't random people... To Him, they are His precious children who have previously made covenants with him. We also have been tracting this specific apartment building, and it's crazy full of the nicest people. We usually don't get many new investigators from tracting, or many appointments from it. But in this apartment complex we found a lost member, and three different people who invited us back for lessons. One of them is Steve, and he has some Mormon family. He called us after we left our card on his door, and wants to make some changes in his life. He is super cool, just has a lot of things to overcome. But the miracle of the gospel in our lives is that we are about to overcome anything with the precious help of our dear Savior. 

Well, there's a really long email that I hope you enjoy!!!! Can you believe that it's almost July??

I hope that everyone has a rocking day. 
Peace and Blessings. 
Sister Johnson

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