Monday, July 28, 2014

7/7/14 Email

Sister Nash and I made 3 loaves of banana bread on the evening of the Fourth of July because we had to be in our houses at 6pm. LOCKDOWNNNN. They don't want us out on the streets... So we sat inside and ate food to our hearts content, while sitting in front of a fan because we were so hot. BUT THAT BANANA BREAD WAS SOOOO GOOOD. We made sure to dress in Red, White, and Blue though!!! :) As a missionary, it's hard not to appreciate Independence Day. I'm grateful that we can worship, how, where, and what we may! That we can preach, how where, and what we may. And that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is able to thrive here in this country. Yay for serving in the bread-basket of the church!!! Really though. Serving in the states is the best place to be.... In my opinion. And I'm always right. :)

ROXYYYY. She got baptized and boyyy oh boyyy was it a glorious day!!! It has been one of those weeks where everything is crazy and random and falling through and the adversary works hard and puts up some intense road blocks, but it all worked out and she was able to make those sweet covenants with the Lord. 

okay so the coolest thing that happened this week--- We don't tract that often, but when we do we always tract places that the spirit has been urging us to go . I call it spirit tracting. Anyways, so we were knocking this strip of like 10 houses, and no one was listening (but that's pretty common for tracting.. which is why we like to find through members instead) Anyways, this one lady Audrey, when she was closing the door after saying no, Sister Nash asked, "Hey is there anything we can do for you? Do you need any yard work or house work? We can do anything?" And so Audrey was like "Well I've been trying to find someone to mow my lawn. I even tell people to come and I will pay them. and then they don't come!"
So we showed up on Friday and mowed her lawn. And then she was so flabbergasted that she sat down with us and let us share the Message of the Restoration with her. When we finished she said, "Well... MAYBE IVE BEEN GOING TO THE WRONG CHURCH THIS WHOLE TIME." Just imagine this hilarious sassy black lady. So she committed to read, pray, and come to church. HALLELUJAH.

It rained!!!!! Only for like 10 minutes or less. AND THEN IT WAS SO HUMID I ALMOST DIED. but it's cool. It's monsoon season at home?? That's awesome. I love the AZ rainy season, driving in the rain, dancing in the rain, almost dying when trees are falling from the wind every which way. So every time I tell someone I am from Arizona they say, "Oh, okay, so you are used to the heat then?" AND EVERY TIME I AM LIKE NOOOOOOOO. Hahahaha It's the best though when it's hot because people are nicer to us, and they give us water. 

GUESS WHATTTTT! remember Julia? I told you she is getting baptized? This Saturday!! and Sister Nash and I are going. I am so excited. I have never cried at anything here on the mish, but if there was one thing that I cried at, it would be Julia's baptism. I can't contain my excitement

Every week is a hard one, but every week is a favorite one as well. I love missionary work. I love the spirit. I love California. I love the people here. And I love serving our Lord and God. To them both I am very grateful, and I owe my life. This week I was surprised to see Jakelle in my dreams! She came and said hello and gave me a big big hug!!!! It's the coolest to be serving a mission right along side of her. I am thankful to know that she is nearby, cheering me on, and helping me along the way! The times when I need upliftment and encouragement the most, I feel angels surrounding me and bearing me up, and I know it's because of the prayers of my family and friends. I am forever grateful to you all!! 
Thank you all for the support and prayers!!!!

Oh by the way. 6 months in the mission field. What? Where has the time gone?? 

With gratitude in my heart, 
Sister Johnson

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