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Man oh man, I have no idea why I am back here in Hesperia Santa Fe Ward. But I know I am supposed to be here. 
We got a new investigator this week! His name is Brother Forget. His wife is a Less-Active and she is now coming back to church! It was awesome. We taught him, put him on date to be baptized, and they came to church all in one week! Way cool.

The work here in Hesperia is different and slower than in Apple Valley. My Zone in Apple Valley was the highest baptizing zone in the mission.... so it's been quite the shocker coming back here and not seeing the same. But every area is capable of miracles and wonderful things. And I know there is good things to come here! Good missionaries are obedient. Good missionaries see good things happen. But miracles happen when we work with the ward, to find teach and baptize. Great missionaries, wonderful missionaries are those who work with members. So don't any of you ever think that it is okay to sit back and relax.. the work is hastening and now is the time for members and missionaries to unite together to gather the lost. 

Sister Martinez and I have similar ways we work as missionaries, so we get along well! She helps me with my Spanish and I help her with her English! It was so funny to see her freak out as I spoke Spanish to her. She thinks I am really good, but in reality, everyone from Arizona can speak a little if they try. hahahahah It's cool to see how much I have remembered from High School Spanish though.

So Elder Nelson. Yes I got to shake his hand
One of the things he said that blew my mind: One of the missionaries raised his hand and asked the question, "So Peter went through a huge and amazing transformation, he went from denying Christ three times to leading the church with diligence and obedience. How can we have the same transformation as missionaries?" Elder Nelson responded: "Peter was being obedient. Christ commanded him to deny him three thrice...." there was a pause as we all gasped. Then he said "Peter had already been transformed. If you want to be the same, you be obedient." and then he asked for the next question. DUDE WHAT THE #MINDBLOWN
He was finishing up his remarks when he said "Wait, I cannot leave here until you know who you are." Then he turned around to one of the Stake Presidents sitting on the stand and said in a very very intense voice "Your youth do not know who they are." IT WAS INSANE. Then he turned back to us missionaries and talked about the gathering of the lost and how we are destined to help prepare the earth for the return of the Savior. It was magnificent. It was the answer to my prayer. I quite often kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father who I am. Not because I am lost, or searching, or feeling like I am worth nothing. But because I know my purpose is greater than what I see for myself. All of God's children have a purpose that is greater that what they see for themselves! We are children of God, we are part of the Abrahamic Covenant, and we are disciples of Jesus Christ. 
Elder Nelson also said that there is more to the restoration that hasn't happened yet. boom. mind blown again. 
The apostolic blessing he left upon us was the sweetest part! He blessed us to be able to feast upon the scriptures and apply the messages, he blessed us to have health and strenght, as well as our families, he blessed us with healing, and healing for our families, he blessed us to be missionaries in our families as well. He also blessed us to become all that the Savior wanted to make of us. 

Awesome stuff. I wish you could have been there!
I love you! I love this work.

Love sister Johnson

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