Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/ 24/ 14 Pictures and Email!!

Okay, so not much time today. I promise that I do have time for a hand written letter though. So I will send it. P-days are always the same. We go to the grocery store, wash our car, go to the library, eat lunch, do laundry, and clean our living area. in a different order each time. Every other Monday we have Zone activity. That is with all the missionaries in Ontario! We play ultimate Frisbee or card games or soccer or something. It's fun! then P-day is over at 6 pm and we get back to teaching. And eating dinner. Okay, dilemma. HOW DO I AVOID SWEETS. I am so tired of eating them and feeling like crap. hahahahaahahah the members love feeding dessert. But to all members out there reading this
- STOP. We get dessert almost every night. WE ARE SO THANKFUL. BUT SO FAT. hahahahahaha
this week was awesome! I had exchanges with one of the sister training leaders, sister Shaw. Sister Respecia went to Diamond Bar for the 24 hours and I stayed here in our area. It was legit being here without Sis R! I realized that I can do this without a trainer. On Saturday when sister Shaw was with me, we saw Val and Mary- the part member/less active family. And we killed it with the lesson. straight up the spirit was so so strong as we testified and were straight up bold with them. I think sister Shaw was surprised when I called Val out on his selfishness and lack of commitment to God. hahahahahahaa But they are using their agency and choosing not the follow Christ and come to church for the sacrament which is so sad. So we will probably be taking it chill on them. But dude. When the spirit speaks through us missionaries- it blows my minddddd. I love it. That is what is so humbling about being a missionary, is knowing that when we are being obedient and diligent, we are literally saying the words that Christ would if he was here. We aren't great speakers, we aren't eloquent, we aren't intelligent or full of spiritual knowledge and experience like our parents or leaders or the Apostles, but because we have the Spirit, we are able to be all of those things. A less active came to church two weeks in a row, his name is brother England! such a joy to see him take the sacrament.
Reuben doesn't ever text us back or call us back anymore. hahaahha and Kat was so busy this week. But we have a new investigator Sally! and we will meet with Kat this week! it stinks when all these people use their agency to reject this gospel. But God has a plan for this area. (His plan is working so slowly, but He has a plan).
I am so excited for conference! and for the woman's meeting this weekend!! HEARING FROM THE PROPHET IS THE BEST. "every soul who will not hear that prophet shall be cut off from among my people." legit and intense right? ahahahha that's in 3 Nephi 20:23

 Another baptism in the ward?? that is AWESOME AWESOME. Dude. fellowship them like crazy okay?? promise me???!!!!?!?!?!?!? sweet thanks. Retention of new members is so so so so so important. If you don't know how to help the new members then ask the missionaries.
hopefully I answered all of your questions. love you!!
love sister johnson


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