Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 3rd 2014- Sister Johnson's words!

This week has been a good one! This is the last week of the transfer. WHAT on Tuesday the 11th it will be 6 weeks since I have been here! We find out about transfers this Saturday night. But I am 99% positive I will stay in this area! I am not finished with it yet. But I'll probably get a new companion.

This week on Thursday we have Zone Conference. It was 2 zones from the mission- so about 40 of us- at the mission office for a training with the president and his wife and the assistants to the president. We learned so much about how to be a preach my gospel missionary! President Hobbs- my mish president- is so hilarious. He seems to serious and quiet, but in reality he is so funny and quirky. And his wife is a gem, so loving! GUESS WHAT. A member is taking us to Costco today! Sister Respecia's first time- she is going to die! I love Costco! WOOHOOOOO oh the joy in the little things.

It hard core rained this weekend. SO GOOD. the state of California has been praying and fasting for rain for so long. So the 3 days solid we got of it was wonderful. The prayers of the righteous are always heard by the Lord!!!

Reuben------ ahhh he couldn't meet with us this week. He was preparing a sermon thing for church and so he was busy. So I have no update on his progression. Lame. but it's okay, we will meet with him this week!

So it took me 5 weeks to realize, but I know the reason I am in this ward! that is to strengthen the members and help them to be more missionary minded. Missionary work cannot CANNOT cannot progress in the ward without the active participation of the members.There were two less actives that promised to come to church on Sunday and didn't come. errggghhhh. We even showed up to their house right before church and pounded on each of their doors. hahahah it was discouraging, but then I realized something. We, as missionaries can't do this alone. We for one need the Lord (duh), but second- we need the ward to participate. If it was a ward member knocking on their doors, and being persistent, they totally would have come to church. DUDE THEIR SALVATION IS AT STAKE HERE. Church has the sacrament. and the sacrament is a key to salvation. soooooo. yeah. it's serious.  With the members, miracles happen. pretty much only with them though. Otherwise, reactivated members don't remain active, recent converts aren't retained, and new people to teach aren't found. Legitimately members do the missionary work, and full time missionaries just teach. really. that is all. as representatives of Jesus Christ, we are able to say the words that He would say if he was standing there. But the members are the friends, the neighbors, the felowshippers, the ones that love, and they make the biggest difference. So our goals to help the members be more involved will hopefully be implemented this week and we will hard core kick it so the work can get rolling. MIRACLES. I'm telling you MIRACLES HAPPEN ONLY WHEN MEMBERS ARE INVOLVED. hahaha I am so passionate about this. Missionary work is the most important thing we can be involved in. And yes, missionary work starts in the home- with our own children- but then it goes out from there. Don't keep the gospel to yourself- share it with everyoneeeee!!! I hope everyone who reads this can feel how important member missionary work is. hahahaha I will keep saying it over and over until the whole world gets it. I promise that if we put the Lord first in our lives, including serving His children, then everything else will fall into place. LIFE WILL BE FULL OF JOY. As a representative of our Jesus Christ, I can promise that as you are actively involved in the Work of Salvation-- perfecting the saints, gathering the lost, and redeeming the dead-- you will be prepared for the return of the Savior. When He comes, you will be ready, and you will have no regrets. No regrets. I know it's totally not easy, but it is so possible. Just strive with unwearied diligence. (Hel 14:6)

So anyways. hahahah WOW sorry I got a little intense there. I just want the whole world to read that and see how important member missionary work is. If anyone needs help in that department, email me! or read "The Power of Everyday Missionaries"
it's a solid book.
Also, if the whole world read the ensign every month, we would have no problems. This month's is sick also. Did you read February?? March is so solid.
"By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have some unto Him yourself. If you want to be near Him, to feel His peace, you can do it best in His service." President Henry B Erying
I love you! I love you! I will write you today!
love, sister Johnson

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