Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/ 17/ 14: email and beautiful pictures!!!

So Selena. she is awesome but so so busy with life. We will get her though
Reuban... funny story. He told us the BOM is a copy of the Bible, so he will not read it. But I know with out a doubt that if he reads it, he will know it's true. But that's the thing. He hasn't read it. lol stubborn people. We keep inviting him to baptisms that are happening in the Spanish branch and other wards and invite him to meet with us again. We will get him too. eventually. hahahaha
Kat. Kat is a gem- she is the recovering user. She has been meeting with us twice a week. Which is what investigators are supposed to do!! so holla at that!!! woohoo!! We have invited her to be baptized but she hasn't prayed about the BOM yet so of course she wouldn't know if being baptized is the best thing to do. We told her- hey Kat you know that we want you to be baptized right? She loves sitting and learning from us because she has never had that before. Never just been sat down and taught. She also has never felt true happiness because of the lifestyle she has lived. But she now knows what happiness is. And she just needs to recognize that true and eternal happiness is from the BOM and the gospel and JC. But she is awesome and progressing. If she doesn't pray about the BOM though.. then she will stop progressing. so we shall see. We are meeting with her again this week.
 okay. IT IS SO HOT HERE. wow. this week was awesome. we had ward conference and our stake president was there. Our ward has come a long long way. They are starting to get more missionary minded. And we are trying hard and praying hard that they will continue to progress. We drag people with us so that they can get their visiting teaching and home teaching done ( some of them just meeting their teachee's for the first time). It's awesome. This ward will do great things. Our bishop is so missionary minded. And our stake president is the bomb. Makes me appreciate Bishop postert and president westergard. They work hard. And sis R and I sang in the choir at ward conference. (it wasn't as good as our choir at home hhahahahahah don't tell anyone I said that). The song of the righteous is a prayer unto the lord.
We got to hear from Elder Anderson this week at our mission conference. Got to shake his hand! it was legit. Seriously hearing the testimonies of Apostles is probably the best thing to hear. ever. When he said "As a special witness of Jesus Christ, I can testify that He lives." It is an explosion of the spirit filling the whole room. That man knows Christ. I am so extremely grateful to be on the earth at such a special time as this- a time when the earth is being prepared, at an amazing rate, for the coming of Jesus Christ. Over and over I keep hearing and reading form prophets and apostles that Christ wants to come, literally he wants to come, but the people aren't ready yet. And it is so true. Christ wants to come, but the saints are not ready. We have not completed the work that He has set out for us to do. and "more and more, Christ will be our message- that He Lives" as his existence fades from the minds of those in the world around us. And that is why I am here. "We talk of Christ. We preach of Christ." Every night when I kneel in prayer, and realize how so extremely inadequate I am for this job, for preparing the earth for the return of the Savior, I plead for the strength and upliftment that I need and then I feel the enabling power of the Atonement working and lifting me up. It's the best. This work is the best. And my Savior Jesus Christ is the best. I know He lives! I know that He is the Son of God, and chose to give up his life even when he had the power to withstand it. Then He rose again. And because of that, the rest of God's children can do the same. So special, and such a sacred responsibility we have as missionaries. And as members. Bringing joy and happiness to those who have not yet found it.
Something awesome from Elder Anderson- he said the United States is the "Bread basket" of the Church. "We have to grow here. We save some of the best missionaries for the states. you're the best the lord has." He is awesome. He talked a lot about the Atonement. How important it is, how vital it is to our existence. He said to use the atonement we have to be humble, we have to be forgiving, we have to yearn for forgiveness, and we have to help others along the way.  he said "life is real Be converted so you never get lost. If your prayers aren't being answered, get on your knees more, longer." just like Enos did. (Enos 1:1-12ish)
I also studied about Jesus Christ in the Americas this week. 3 Nephi 11-18. It is the most special even of the whole book of Mormon. My favorite is in chapter 17, when the multitude falls at His feet and worships Him, kissing and bathing His feet with their tears. Then He prays for the multitude, and the words are so sacred that they cannot be spoken of or written by anyones. Then He weaps for them, and gathers the children and blesses them. And "no one can conceive of the great joy which filled their souls at the time they heard Him pray for them unto the Father." "So great was the joy of the multitude". Dude when Christ comes again, it will be the same for us. HOW GREAT WILL BE OUR JOY. And we get to help others feel the same joy that we will feel. We have to literally grab them by the hands and pull them in though. (We=missionaries and members).
long email. love love love you!
guess what. sprouts opens up on March 26th and it is nearby-ish. so we can get permission to go. MY JOY IS FULL I LOVE SPROUTS I CANNOT WAIT FOR ORGANIC NONGMO AND HEALTHY FOOODDDDDDd
Love Sista JJ


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