Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/ 10/ 14

So yeah. And I bought stamps at the store. So that is a record of my credit card use. What hotel do you stay at when you come here? We passed a bunch the other day and it made me wonder. I usually eat a smoothie or this organic nonGMO cereal with fruit and almond milk for breakfast. and for lunch I make salad with red wine vinegar and oil, or veggies and sweet potatoes or both or a cheese crisp if I am lazy. I try to eat healthy. LAST NIGHT A MEMBER MADE LEGIT INDIAN FOOD FOR US IT WAS SO GOOD. I ate too much. but it was worth it. From the Burton family. they are adorable. He made homemade Paneer. that is cheese. and then made a dish with that and spinach in it. and the other was Chicken karma. and it was so good. made me miss your cooking. And I miss helping you in the kitchen. Family is important. I probably will live close to home when I am married because I don't want to live far away from you guys
This week was so so so so so good. so good!  MIRACLES. We have a new investigator (hallelujah), Selena, and when we were teaching her she recognized that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and said "I can feel God telling me through you that everything is going to be okay and that he loves me." and she cried. It was such a special experience. She isn't married to the head of the household. That's the hold up. they have to live the law of chastity to get baptized. But we'll get her. There's another investigator we got this week, Kat, who is a recovering drug user. She straight up is legit and so hilarious and humble. She knows that she is weak and through God can be made strong. So awesome. She is struggling with organized religion. but if she prays I know god will answer her prayers and she will want to partake of the sweet blessings of organized religion. God is a god of order. Organization is godlike. it's really hard to get investigators to church. they have to go 4 times before getting baptized. Also I invited Kat to be baptized in our second lesson. hahahahahah hilarious. She said she would think about it. There will be a baptism in this ward before this next transfer is over.
I am glad all is well at home. "By controlling our reactions, being calm and temperate and avoiding contention, we will begin to qualify for the gift of meekness." meekness is a gift from god and pretty much required to be like Christ. I need to work on that. "Meekness is the quality of those who are godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering. Those who possess this attribute are willing to follow Jesu Christ, and their tempest is calm, doctile, tolerant, and submissive." and Moroni 7:43:44, 10:32, go along so well with that. Meekness. I want to be meek like Christ.  the quotes were from... oh wait I didn't write it down haahhahahahaa whoops. an apostle
So grateful for good friends of Mesa. "friends are those who make it easy to live the gospel of Jesus Christ." -Elaine S Dalton- just a random thought. So grateful to have grown up in such a strong ward, in such a strong family, and in such a strong group of friends. Love you all!!
hey don't move. I bet you won't before July 2015.
First transfer IS OVER AND IT WAS A WONDERFUL TRANSFER AND SISTER RESPECIA AND I ARE BOTH STAYING HERE FOR THE NEXT TRANSFER. it's so good because we have a lot to accomplish. SisR will be here for 9 months in this area at the end of this transfer. LOL HAHAHAAHAH I will die if I stay in an area that long (KNOCK ON WOOD OH NO I CURSED IT)
Anyways. this week was amazing. I will write more in my letter home. Just so you know. I send one every week! so if lexi harbors them in her car again-- BEAT HER)
HOLLA Elder Anderson is coming on Saturday to talk to us missionaries of the Rancho mission. So excited. I love you!
Love sister Johnson
also if you send us anything. send dried mango. sister respecia and I love it. especially her. cause she is filipino

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