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I am so glad that you guys feed the ward missionaries often. I am so grateful to be fed. And I love it when members ask us what we would like to eat. I always tell them vegetables. hahahah! Dad told me that you guys sent a picture of the elders to their moms? I bet they died of happiness. Take care of them and give them food. hahaha there's a family here- the churchills- that always give us random food and soda and candy. Although I don't drink or eat the bad stuff, I'm grateful that they take care of and watch out for us.


His name is Reuben. We were in a neighborhood, parked and sitting in our car and sister respecia rolled down the window when he walked past and yelled at him! haha then we had a solid conversation through the window about the gospel, and gave him a BOM and Restoration pamphlet and set up an appointment for this week. So we met with him Wednesday this week, and we brought one of our new ward missionaries with us, his name is Brother Nunnally. He is passionate about the gospel ahahahah and hilarious. We were grateful he was there because he pretty much invited Reuben to do everything we wanted him to do. (after the lesson with bro nunnally there, he took us to PF Changs. what a gem right?? we are so taken care of.) Reuben is in his 20s so we probably will have to hand him over to the YSA missionaries soon.... sad day. anyways. He is mega involved with his church.. I mean standing on the street corner and yelling into a mega phone involved... It's legit. He knows the bible so well also. So we taught him the Restoration. He is super content with his life and his relationship with Christ and doesn't think he needs another book or a prophet. But he agreed to read and pray. Anyways, so Saturday we had a ward activity. A DELICIOUS TACO dinner and auction to raise money for the youth in the ward to go to scout camp and girls camp. Anyways. HE CAME. What? right? yeah he came so we ate and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. And then we gave him a church tour and when we got to the chapel, we got in another intense conversation about prophets and Christ and the Book of Mormon. He hadn't read it at this point. So We HARD CORE bore testimony to him. He kinda wanted to argue. But we don't argue as missionaries. So we told him he had to pray and read to know. Anyways. I have such a strong testimony of the converting power of the Book of Mormon. I know that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of his children. And I know that when his children ask if the BOM is true, he answers the prayer. Conversion to Christ's gospel is impossible without reading the Book of Mormon AND praying. Everyday. So that night after the ward activity he text us and said he read and prayed. We have an appointment with him Wednesday so I will let you know how it goes :)
The Andersons- they came to the ward activity toooo!!!! (they are the couple that took us out to eat and she text you a picture of us) I am pretty positive that brother Anderson hasn't been inside a church building for 20 years, and his wife has never been inside one. (she is Filipino, did I ever tell you that? and not a member) We found out that he stopped going to church when he divorced from his wife. ANWAYS talk about a miracle there. He has never let his home teachers talk about religion to his wife because she doesn't like to be pushed into anything. So it was surprising that they have been letting us teach them. Probably because sister Respecia and his wife speak the same dialect so they chat in their own language and bond. It's great. such a testimony that she was sent to this area for a specific reason. Hopefully we can get him to come back to church. He needs to let the Savior and Atonement back into his life.
We also got to go to Chipotle this week for dinner! A member just gave us $ instead of feeding us because they were having some stuff going on.
ALSO there is a woman in my ward named Jakelle. Yes-- she is indeed  white. she is in her 20s and married with two kids. what the random right? I told her about Jakelle Westergard and she said that her friend saw a Stay Strong Jakelle sticker once and text her about it. I wish I had another sticker- I would totally give it to her. Anyways. Gem moment. Precious tender mercies that the Lord gives me to keep me going. I'm glad I have Jakelle cheering me on.
OKAY HAVE YOU READ TEH FEBRUARY ENSIGN?? It's the BOMB. legitimately. And there is a lot about the word of wisdom and health. Lexi should read it!!! I love all of it. Especially the one called "Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose" by Elder Richard G Scott. Seriously everyone read the entire ensign. It also talks about Noah and how he lived to be 950 years old. legit right? The ensign is amazing. If the entire world read this issue, it would solve every problem. literally every problem. 
Some things that I decided this week to implement throughout my life.
I will never give into temptation
I will never let others control me
I will always show my best and true self to the world
and I will let my light so shine so all others can see it and say "she truly is a daughter of god."
I will be valiant in the struggle in the battle for the souls of men and women
I will always fight on the Lord's side
I will always build my character upon the bedrock of integrity
I will always be worth of the spirit, and I will be obedient to it
Satan will never destroy my growing character
I will never look to the wron sources for how to live
I will make decisions based on eternal truths
I will always drink deeply from the fountain of the revealed word of God-personally and as a family
I will hold fast to the word of god
I will be an essential part of the shining light that our country needs
I will build a home centered on Christ
I will stand at all times, in all things, and in all places--for the greater good of the future
I will sacrifice whatever the Lord asks of me and more
I won't be perfect, but I will work to perfect myself in and through Christ- who is the sure way to eternal life
My children will grow up in a haven of goodness
My home will be a rest for the weary.
My life goals.
I love you
I love the gospel
I love my Savior Jesus Christ
I love my Heavenly Father
and I love His children. Especially those children in Ontario.
Love Sister Johnson

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story!!! NEVER LET YOUR TEMPLE RECOMMEND EXPIRE. A man we stayed with in Diamond Bar told me that while he was working in the temple, one of the counselors of president hinkley came and spoke to those who worked in the temple and said 1) get your own clothes for the temple because soon there won't be enough for everyone 2) never let your temple recommend expire. The temples are all connected together so that they can live video stream to each other. does that make sense?> so when Christ comes... and he is speaking in the temple. You will want to be in the temple, because it will be broadcast to each one. But if the day the Savior comes is the day yours expires, you're out of luck. crazy huh?!?! anyways.. there's another temple video coming out soon.. ANOTHER ONE. crazy.
ahhh that Acai place is out of my mission. If it's in rancho or Ontario or chino or upland I could go? but not

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