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Okay so last week on Monday Sister Martinez said this really awesome prayer when we were leaving these other sister's apartment to go grocery shopping. and in that prayer she exercised her faith and prayed for trials and challenges. Then I recognized that  I needed to develop patience so I prayed for patience :) .......and ya know what.... Heavenly Father always answers our prayers. I know that for a fact. LOL. So we had one of those weeks that really rough......... But honestly, I love rough weeks. We know there must be opposition in all things. We must experience the hard in order to appreciate the wonderful. And the true test is to find joy within the hard times! Fortunately, it's easy to feel joy when we are in the service of our God.... So I am always happy :).........
 JUST KIDDING. always is definitely an overstatement. Sometimes I am mad or angry or frustrated or sad or want to cry or confused. But then I feel the spirit comforting me, and the angels God has sent to bear me up. 
For example. WWWOOOOO. So the past transfer and a half we have been putting so much time and effort into helping our ward, serving them, building relationships with them, helping them with their conversion, trying to promote unity, and trying to motivate them to do missionary work.... And we don't always see the fruits of our labors right away (see that's why I need patience).... So we went to ward council and things didn't go the way we hoped.. AT ALL. Our Ward Mission Leader is pumped and excited, but the other ward council members are not.... And that's okay, I know they have a lot on their plates with their lives and their callings. ---BUT GUYS THE LORD IS COMING AND WE NEED TO DO HIS WORK. TOGETHER. HAND IN HAND. M&Ms. Missionaries and Members.------ hahhahaha that is what I wanted to say. But I didn't. So we were pretty bummed. So things like that make me wonder why I am here in this ward and what I have to offer...... And although I don't know the answer to that question, I do have trust in the priesthood authority who assigned me here. I know that President Hobbs followed the spirit, direction straight from the Lord himself to send me to this ward. And that's what got me through those frustrating moments this week. I am grateful for the priesthood. I am grateful for revelation. I am grateful for the Lord and His guiding hand. 

Sister Martinez and I taught the lesson in Gospel Principals this week and the lesson was on the priesthood. And it made me SO GRATEFUL for my wonderful daddy and his righteous example in leading our family under the direction of Heavenly Father. I am grateful for all the father's blessings or comfort and healing and direction. I know the priesthood is the power of God given to man, and I know that the priesthood acts as an umbrella to help guard us from the evil influences of the adversary. So thank ya Pops.

This week I am grateful for the little miracles. One of those miracles being- we were able to get in to teach a lesson with an investigator Jen, whom we thought moved! But she in reality didn't... they were just out of town for 3 weeks. hahahaah so we taught them! AND MET HER HUSBAND, who we have never been able to meet before... and he is actually a super less-active member. Turns out he was a nice guy. 

In the middle of the week we came to the library to do time, and they had an earthquake drill. IT WAS HILARIOUS. they made us get under the tables and sit there for a couple minutes.. hahahahaah I feel so prepared for earthquakes now. 
We also did some service as a Zone for someone in another ward, and so I sent pics of that I think? 
It's awesome, because here in the cali desert, there is a lot of weeds. like forests of weeds. SO we have PLENTY of opportunities to serve others and help them with their yards. :) it's nice to be able to wear pants once in a while too.... 

So anyways. I know we were blessed with a hard week for a reason. And because of that THE FIRE IS BACK. Sis Martinez and I are pumped and full of the effects of the enabling power of the Atonement, ready to conquer the world.
Which of course we are already doing. 

Sister Johnson

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