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hahahahahahah woooo this week. so remember last week how I told ya'll that sister martinez said one of our companionship prayers and prayed for trials and we got them?????? And I prayed for patience and we got it!???  Well, I told President Hobbs that we prayed for trials and patience.... LOLLLLLLLLLLLL his response made me laugh. "Oh Sister Johnson we love and appreciate you. Never pray for trials. I promise they will come on their own as needed. You can pray for patience and faith. I know there are challenging times and lots of work to do." WHATEVER MAN, BRING ON THE TRIALS. hahahahaha just kidding. But really, the past few weeks have been so humbling, so rewarding, and so beneficial to helping me become who the Lord wants me to become. So, I wouldn't suggest praying for trials. But if you want to see and feel the hand of the Lord working in your life to change you, then DO IT. I know that trials really do bring us closer to God and really do help us use the enabling power of the atonement.... Yes, I am crazyyyyyyyyy.

 Do people still say cray-cray? that always bugged me. "Cray-cray", "totes", "fab", ect. Not real words...... except I really enjoy using "lol".... so maybe I should shut my mouth about things that aren't real words....
whatevs!  <----- hhhahhaahahahha not a real word too.

I am sitting right under the air vent thing at the library.... SO COLLLLLLD. My fingers are having a hard time typing. 

So, you are probably wondering about our investigators... welll along with praying for trials came the decline in our investigator pool. But that's chill because we are still working with what we've got!
Athen and Athena came to church though and they just want to get baptized so bad..... It's hard because they only can be taught by us when they are at church.... We asked them how they feel when they pray and Athen ( he is 9) said "I feel like Heavenly Father is sitting right here next to me listening." There was the cutest little twinkle in his eye and it made my heart happy! Oh the faith of the little ones. blows myyyy mind.

The Forget's are doing so well! I have mentioned this before I think.. but they are reading their scriptures together every evening at 5 and ITS AMAZINGGGGG. They are so cool. They are learning so much, and have been blessed so much. I can see their relationship improving as they are progressing in the gospel together. Family scripture study... DO IT. no matter your age. 
ALSO. Three less active families we have been working with came to church on Sunday. made my heart happy tooo. One being sister Bernal and her kiddos. We didn't expect her to be there because we didn't see her this week... but she WAS THERE AND SO HAPPY WHEN WE WALKED IN AND SAW HER. This is a lady that I loved visiting when I was in this ward back in May, and since I've been back we've tried to get into her house a million times. But the Lord blessed her with trials that brought her back to church. so she let us in her house, came to church, and now she is excited to bear her testimony. Holla at her! 
The Lord is blessing the work here in this ward. Slowly but surely AMAZING THINGS ARE HAPPENING BECAUSE OF HIM. 

Something that has been so cool to experience and humbling to be a part of is promising blessings to people.... Idk how to explain it well. But Sister Martinez and I have been working on extending bold commitments, testifying boldly and promising blessings. And the most amazing thing is when we feel the spirit prompting us to promise a very specific blessing to the people we are talking to. It's legit. Being a representative of Jesus Christ is amazing..... I will forever keep my name tag painted on my heart. So anyways... we taught the lesson in young women this week. We of course taught them about sharing the gospel... :) that's a common theme for us. AND IT WAS AWESOME because when we were committing them and testifying to them at the end. The spirit prompted us to promise them that as they shared the gospel with their friends and those around them, their grades in school would improve. WHAT THE WHAT. I'm telling you, the Lord has very very specific promises in store for each one of us. WE HAVE to do what he asks though. 

We also have been working with four families/people on their family mission plans. I know that's what the Lord wants for this area right now. Missionary work cannot progress until the ward members are on board. It's cool to hear members say "We bring up the gospel and church in our conversations with people, but we don't really know what to do next to share more." AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE WE CAN HELP WITH THAT. I love Elder Nelson's talk a year or two ago where he said "Ask the missionaries." hahahaha to be honest we don't have the answers to everything. But Heavenly Father does, and as representatives of His Son, we can help others with recognizing what Heavenly Father wants. being a missionary is theeeeee besttttttttttttttttttt. 

We have been making Mexican food! I feel so cool now because I know how to make Horchata! We also make tomatillo/avacado salsa, tacos de papa, y agua de pina y agua de tamarindo! hahahaha sister Martinez doesn't know how to cook really, so we are learning how to make Mexican food together! :)

I think there was more I wanted to tell you. I can't remember though.....
To everyone--- feel free to write sister martinez a letter. She is better at responding to them than I am. And letters make her happy since her family is so far away. 

que tenga un buen semana!
Sister Johnson

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