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This was a heartfelt week.... 

Tuesday, October 7, was a very special day for me and also for the ward here. I was Jakelle's birthday for one!!!! and My sweet companion told some other sisters in our zone to wear yellow, and I didn't even know it. So we showed up to district meeting all wearing yellow and it WAS AWESOME!!!!! It was sweet to be able to remember Jakelle all day, and wear her favorite color while at it :) Also, on Oct 7, a little girls named Emily in our ward passed away from leukemia. It was very powerful to participate in so much prayer and fasting in behalf of another little girl who held a place in so many people's heart. It's amazing that a tragedy can unite so many people, can remind us of what's truly important, and can cause us to rely wholeheartedly on our Savior. 
It of course took me back to those hard months when Jakelle was struggling in the hospital and then when she passed. I have so much love for that girl, and miss her dearly. I am so extremely grateful to have been able to have known her, and I am grateful for that experience. I am forever in debt to those who supported me, strengthened me, and sat on the curb to talk when I needed it. Those few months taught me the true meaning of comforting those that stand in need of comfort and lifting up the hands that helplessly hang down. I'm in awe of the Westergard family and their diligence in keeping their trust in God, even when the tempest was raging. 
I owe a lot to so many people..... I learn a lot from the examples of others... Man, I am so grateful for life lessons, for trials, for imperfections, and rough patches that bring us closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know His gospel is the solution to everything. I know that we can see those we love again. I know that simple trust in the Lord can get us through a lot.  And I know, without a doubt that families can be together forever.

Brother Forget got baptized! YEAHHHHH MAN. This is the first person that I have found, taught, and baptized all with myself and my companion. The other people that I have taught and baptized were found by other missionaries, or we passed off to other missionaries because they moved or some other random situation. N.E.WAYS. It was awesome. He changed, from the beginning to now, he has diligently sought out His Heavenly Father's guidance as he has developed a relationship with him. 
There's a couple recent converts in our ward, who are ON FIRE excited about life and the gospel. I know that is because they are reading their scriptures every day, praying daily, and keeping their covenants, NOT TO MENTION they are progressing equally with their spouse. Especially brother Forget-- he and his wife are reading their scriptures together and because of that their relationship is improving, they feel peace and comfort and guidance and love and AWESEOMENESSSSS. So the question is... why are sometimes us as members not as fired up about the gospel as the recent converts are?? I think the simple answer is because we stop to do the little things, which dims our fire a little, then we get comfortable and complacent, and we stop progressing...... BUT THAT CAN CHANGE. If we truly want to BECOME like Jesus Christ, we CAN. Then, as we feel the fire and excitement and joy of the gospel, WE CAN SHARE IT TOOOOO. 

hahahah I get so excited. 

ahh there were so many cool experiences with teaching the Bernals, the caudillos, sister espin, the langs, this lady we met at target named Rayanne, and more. not to mention church was awesome and testimony meeting at church was jam packed with the spirit. But, I have to go! 

So, yeah. It's been an awesome/hard/joyful/powerhouse week. I LOVE IT HERE. 
I love you!
Sister Johnson

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