Monday, June 1, 2015


This last week of the transfer with Sister Martinez was bomb awesome. We continued biking... and with that the wind blew even harder against us... Biking is probably the best thing everrrrrrr. I think I said that before. But I love it. Make me feel good being out and about talking to people. (And now I am sad to be transferred and back in a car....)
Anyways, back to this week. We found two new investigators!!! yeah man! This part member family we have been trying to work with, we finally took it back to basics and taught the Restoration with some hard core setting expectations and letting them know our purpose. and BAM new investigators, willing to learn and read and pray and come to church! And then they did come to church, just like that. Good things always happen right before we get transferred.
Also, Elder Golden, of the 70, came and did Zone Conference with us on Thursday. It was awesome. He talked and talked and talked and trained. And MY mind was BLOWN. We all walked out ready to face the world. In 9 months we've had 2 Apostles and one 70... who's next, the prophet?
Something Sis Mtz and I came in contact a lot with this past transfer was Jehovah Witnesses. They. are. hard. core. They go proselyting every week for their whole lives.
This is how our conversations with them go.
JW: "So how long are you a missionary for?"
Us: "18 months!"
JW: "Oh that's awesome! It's so funny because you do this for a year and a half, but we actually do this for our whole lives. when you are so passionate and so deeply rooted in your beliefs, you can't help but share it with others."
Okay that's some major sass. But they have a point. I know "every member a missionary." whatever. But we have to ask ourselves, "Is the gospel so firmly rooted in our lives that we can't help but share it with others for our whole lives?" Now, in now way shape or form am I saying that you should go door to door or set up a booth in front of the 99cent store like the JW's do. But-- guesss what. We have the cure for all sorrow. We have the cure for distress, family problems, feelings of being alone, self confidence issues. We know who we are and where we came from. We know how to be saved. We know how to find our way home. We know where to find the truth, joy, peace, comfort!!! It's like having the cure to cancer! WHY would we not run form door to door to share it???? WHY would we not tell our friends, breaking forth into joy? The adversary is real, and every time we don't open our mouths to share the gospel, we are giving in to him. There's my food for thought..........
We also have been doing family mission plans with some peeps in the ward. One family, we started a FMP with, is so adorable/my fav fam. So their kids were nervous about telling people that they are Mormon and inviting their friends to church, so we role played it with them. It was so cute to see them so excited to pretend to be their non-member friends and then their joy in acting out inviting them to church! Even their little one, who is like 4, practiced telling her friends about primary and what she learned there. DUDE!!!! why don't we all have the faith of little kids? they blow my mind. They have so much faith, so much willingness to do good, and so much excitement about doing missionary work.
it's amazing what happens when we humble ourselves like a little child and submit our will to the Lord.
This past week in Hesperia it was COLD YAYYYYY!!! yesterday it got to 45 degrees and the high was 55!!! But guess whatttttttt. No longer am I in the cool air of the high altitude.... :(
So. What happened at transfers you are asking???
I was trying to figure out how I could avoid telling everyone what happened with transfers, and keep it on the DL. But I know that is impossible. So I will go ahead and tell ya.
Well on Saturday morning I got a lovely call from the Assistants to the President. I don't even know how to talk about that. It's kinda crazy, but I am so very grateful and humbled for the opportunity to be..... a Sister Training Leader!!!!....?... In the Young Single Adult Ward in Rancho Cucamonga. SAY WHATTTTT. I've never even trained a new missionary before?? Idk, I got some hard core work to do and I am so nervous! 
Our area is HUGE. We cover the cities of Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Upland. Funny because Fontana isn't even in our mission.... wish us luck that we don't get lost......
My companion's name is Sister Smoot. She is from Utah! She finishes her mission in February. I have actually served around her before, which is good we already knew each other! and she has been in this area for 6 weeks
So. Before anyone makes any jokes... let me be real. I am not going to find my husband on my mission. I am not in the YSA ward to get married. I am not here to flirt to convert. I am here to serve the Lord and to work with the future leaders of the church! I am here to work, here to serve, here to love, and here to teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so pumped to serve in a YSA ward, I think I have mentioned how it is a dream of mine to serve in one! #holla at that!
Man.. I know some of you guys (my parents and sister and brother included) probably have no idea what a STL (sister training leader) is... Well, Sister Smoot and I are over all the sisters in 3 zones in the mission. We go on exchanges with all of them once every transfer (so that's 9 companionships which equals 9 exchanges and a transfer is 6 weeks long). I'm not really sure what to do or how to do it.. Nor do I feel adequate. But I know the Lord trusts me and so does President Hobbs.... So I will fufill the assignment with a joyful heart.
but... In this ward the work is awesommmmme. We have FHE on Monday's, Tuesday is volleyball, Wednesday splits, Thursday is setting up a booth at the college and also institute at night, and then there's other stuff on the weekend that I have no idea about. WOOT WOOT, activities are the best tools for finding people in need of some joy. Thank goodness for YSA's bringing their friends!
Although, I would love some input and insight about working with YSA's... I don't really know anything since I stayed at the home ward before my mission. Anyone got any suggestions?
thanks for the love, the prayers, and the support!!!!
so if you want to send mail, letters, packages, please send to my mission office address-
Sister Victoria Johnson
6541 Woodruff Pl
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
unless I let you know what my apartment address is..... but for safety issues... that will probably only be given to my family.
Au Revoi
Je t'aime
(honestly have no idea what that means, but I copied it from my mom's email to sound more fancy.)
Love, Sister Johnson

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