Monday, June 16, 2014

4/21/2014 Sister Johnson Letter!

1. I got white washed out. That means sister respecia and I both left. SAD DAY. It's like leaving my family. Only I may never see some of them again. And leaving you guys wasn't sad for me. hahahahahahaahahahahah 
2. I am in the desert. Here they call it the high desert. It's like AZ except EVERYTHING is brown. there is no grass. there is no trees. and there is wind. Lots of it. But the temperature and dryness is the same. The summer. 120 degrees. What am I going to do mom??? 
3. Sister Respecia is in Apple Valley. That place is cool. Some movie stars have houses there
4. I am in Hesperia. LOL this place is the most random place ever
5. My companionS names are Sister Beagley and Sister Packer. Yes I am in a trio! RANDOM. It's cool though and super fun. Sister Beagley is a gem and so cute and Sister Packer is hilarious and easy going. I love them both already! 
I GOT THE PACKAGE. THANK YOU! on Easter I wore the cute shirt you sent me from anthro. and Sister respecia was so happy for the shirt too!! it made her day! she doesn't get packages from her family like ever because they are so far away. So things in the mail make her day. THE COOKIES OMYGOSH I LOVED THEMMMMMMMMMM.
Sad day there is no Sprouts here. (yeah the sprouts in ontario was SO busy always) And I left my ezekiel cereal accidentally in Ontario. AH. It's okay I will survive...... 
I am so glad that you had a good Easter. Easter was our last day in Ontario, so we spent the time going around to everyones houses to say goodbye! We ate lunch at The Santamaria's house- out ward mission leader- and it was SO GOOOD. He can cook. and so can his wife! He is Mexican so you can only imagine! and he barbecued. 
Then we had dinner at the Bates house. They made ham and cheesey potatoes and salad and asparagus and it was really good too!! So Easter was awesome. Saying goodbye to all the teary eyes in Mountain View Ward wasn't so awesome though. Especially for Sis R who has been there for 9 months. that place was her home, and they all treated her like their daughter. Her and I are only like 10 miles from each other right now though! haahahahaha
 BUT GUESS WHAT. On Sunday, Sister Glogosh, who hasn't come to church for like 30-40 years NO JOKE, CAME TO CHURCH. Also, a bunch of other Less actives came, but that's normal because everyone comes to church on Easter and Christmas. But Sister Glogosh was so awesome. miracles! She is one stubborn cookie, and we were so so shocked that she came. no joke. I am so happy for her! hopefully the new missionaries in that ward take good care of her and she keeps coming. 
No, we never got to go to Costco. That's so fun that dad is taking the Elders though! You are so sweet to give them an Easter Care package. That makes my heart happy! 

Send me a picture of that ring!!! yes I have seen the setting but not it with the diamond inside! OOOHHHOOOOO!!!!!!! 
It's really short today, because we had our transfer meeting and now we are running out of time to shop and stuff. So i will be finishing this email now. 
Love you!!!!!!!!! bye bye!!!!!!!!
Sister Johnson

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