Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sister Johnson's Firstie Email

This is Tori's sister, updating her blog for you peeps while she is away on the Lord's mission!  Sister Johnson loves everyone here at home, and I thank you for your support.  She's firey, dedicated, talented, and obedient to God's will. But, don't take my word for it. Read it for yourself! I edit out some family specific stuff.  Here is her first email:

okay this place is amazing. I tried to upload pictures but the computers wont let us so I will be sure to when I get to california. You won't hear from me until my first pday there on a Monday.
My companion's name is Sister Higley and she is adorable! we get along so well and learn from each other. Sister Rasmussen and Sister Wilson are in the same room as us and also in our district. as well as 3 elders (tripanionship) in our district. In our district we have classes together and study time together and do everything together, and I feel so priveleged. When I first met all of them I felt as if I had met them all before, perhaps in the pre-earth life. Okay sorry no time and I am trying to type so fast. They call me the DISTRICT MOM. lol I am so respondisble. I am so grateful. for the gifts that Heavenly Father has blessed me with so I could do his work. I know He has blessed me with obediance and independence purly for his work, for the benefit of his children here on earth. 
We sit in our classroom for like 10 hours a day. it's my favorite place. It's where I learn more about our caring God, our precious Savior, and how to be a better missionary. We teach two people. 1 is our teacher doing a role play, but I swear it is real, and his name is Jason. We have been helping him recognize the love of God and answers to prayers he has been seeking for his whole life. the other is a real investigator. yes real. his name is Thomas and he is amazing! I cried when we were teaching him because I love him so much and wanted him to know that the true church has been restored because God loves him so much! he is intimidating and has a short attention span but who cares? because he is a child of god and We teach so he can feel that and feel the spirit. I seriously have never prayed so hard for someone in my entire life as I have prayed for him. it was great. I am a softy now. hahahahaha We went to the temple this morning ( by the way the new video is amazing and beautiful and so great and I HOPE EVERYONE GOES). I am so grateful that we can recieve direct revelation from our loving Heavenly Father in the House of the Lord. Everyone should go, and sacrifice everything to get there often. I miss going multiple times a week. 
Okay so I am sorry I know I am not giving much information
I just want you to know that I know this is the work of the Lord. This isn't missionary work. It's God's work. It's his glory. his will to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. he wants us to be happy and WE CAN BE EVERY DAY. I love so deeply now. I feel the powers of heaven pour upon me so openly and know that I feel your prayers. I PRAY FOR YOU! I feel angels around me bearing me up. I love waking up and putting on my name tag, knowing that every single thing I do is for the lord. I study for him, I sleep for his work, I eat for energy, I learn for him, I exercise for him, for his work. This is real, God is real. His heart beats in sympathy for you and me. He knows you and he wants to answer your prayers! feed the missionaries! send me letters! also if you want to send me a package of love and good food and snacks and lotion that would be wonderful I love love love you.  
I love you and will talk to you tuesday?!?!?! PLEASE DONT BE ASLEEP hahahahahhaha


Sister Victoria Paige Johnson

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