Sunday, February 16, 2014

Email from Sister Johnson! Feb 10th

February 10th 2014

Okay so this week was so good. Our numbers have gone up from 9 lessons a week to 15!! and that doesn't sound that good. BUT THAT's so good for our area. We are obedient, and diligent, and we work hard, and because of it, miracles happen. Being a missionary is the best.
Thursday was my favorite day. We found 2 potential investigators that day! One of them gave us home grown avocadoes from his front yard. OH MY STARS THEY WERE SO GOOD. I also got your package that day with the lotion and snacks. Made my life. So the man that gave us avocadoes, we had met the day before and we talked to him and left him with our card. Well then on Thursday he called us and told us we were so nice and encouraging that he wanted to give us some avocadoes! so we went to his house and turns out he wants to learn more about the gospel! score!  K many other lessons that day that went so well. We met with the Andersons. Val and Mary. Val is a less active and He is married to Mary! When we shared a message with him about faith and repentance, he cried. He knows it's true. He sees the blessings that obedience brings into his married and active children's lives, but he is stubborn and won't come to church. It's alright. We'll get 'em. It's amazing how familiar everything and everyone is here. I recognize faces, although I have never seen them before. And I have deja vu all the time (is that how you spell it?). I know that this is where I am supposed to be. It's like the dreams I have been having, are literally becoming a reality. These people are my friends, possibly from the pre-existence. I know that missionary work is what I was created for! I love it. Preaching the Plan of Salvation to the world!
Okay so I will write again today! thank you for the letters. Really, missionaries love letters. I LOVE YOU ALLL
peace and blessings
sister johnson

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