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I need to think of a new word besides awesome... Because this week was awesome. FANTASTICO! MAGNIFICO! MUY BUENO! 
hahaha things are going way good with working with the members. They are keeping the commitments we are leaving with them. They are studying the Atonement. They are studying PMG. And because of that, their desire to do missionary work will increase, and soon enough, they will be sharing the gospel all over the place! What's so awesome about the gospel, is that if they TRULY understand the Atonement, if WE truly understand what Jesus Christ has done for us, we WILL share the gospel. We WILL be obedient. We WILL hold a current temple recommend. We WILL share what we believe with everyone we meet. I don't mean WE as missionaries. I mean WE as members. Every member a missionary! 

BY THE WAY. Last general conference, there was a push for all members to be studying Preach My Gospel! Who is doing that? What have you been learning??? 

Anyways. The cool thing is. We invited tons of members to pray for our investigators. AND IT'S WORKINGGGGG. They are praying. And because of it! We got three new investigators this week!!! :) and the ones we already have are progressing! 
Brother Forget and his wife came to a baptism that the Elders had, and after it was over, we asked Bro Forget if he was excited for his baptism and he said, "Yeah, I didn't think I would be, but I'm so excited. I'm ready. I know I'm gonna be ready!" And we were worried that he was on the fence about it. Ahhh seeeee miracles. 
One of the new investigators we have is named Carol. She is old and has a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation. Their were some tears shed in our lesson with her, and she accepted the invitation to keep learning more. 
The other two investigators are Athena, she is 10, and Athen, he is 9. They are siblings! And have been coming to church with their grandparents for a while, and we didn't know they weren't baptized! Anyways, we will fix that :)

Such cool experiences and miracles this week. I am so grateful for being here! 

So, our new motto is "THESE GIRLS ARE ON FIRRRRREEEEEE." And we sing it out everyday, just like Alicia Keys. And so every day we feel the fire of missionary work burning and pushing us along! woot woot! So I am sending a picture of my drawing on our white board. Appreciate. 

hahahaha so I forgot to tell you this funny story about Joseph. We met Joseph while trying to contact a less-active in our ward. He was sitting on his steps outside and so we started chatting! He was hilarious.... but that was due to the fact that he was quite a bit tipsy with his extra large can of Coors Light. He was black, and talked exactly like he was trying to be gangster.... I'm not sure if it was working for him though. When he told us his name, "My name is Jospeh. Ya know, just like God's name is Jospeh and His Son's name is Jospeh. The Son of God. So I am God's Son and I am the Son of God." and so I politely but boldly said "How about we come back some other time when you aren't drinking and we can talk about a prophet of the Lord who's name was Jospeh Smith, just like you." He agreed and gave us his phone #... So when we called it the next day, it was the number to a Bank of America in Dana Point. hahahahahahahaha it was a really funny experience..... but I don't think it sounds as funny when I tell you over email.... So just laugh and it will make me feel better. 

Thanks for the prayers and support!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Johnson

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